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Blogs / All About Primebook / 5 Primebook tips for college students

Blogs / All About Primebook / 5 Primebook tips for college students


08 Dec 2023

5 primebook tips for college students

5 Primebook tips for college students

From cramming for exams to party planning, college keeps students busier than ever. Having the right technology can make a world of difference in staying organized, efficient, and relieved of stress. That's why the Primebook laptop is gaining attention on campuses for its unique features tailored specifically for students.

Packed into its convenient 11.6-inch screen, the Primebook serves up the innovative apps and capabilities that today's students need. Thanks to its MediaTek MTK8788 Octa Core processor and 4GB of RAM, it can keep up with everything from heavy-duty research to late-night Netflix binges. And at just under 3 pounds, it easily slips into backpacks without weighing them down.

But it’s the Primebook’s exclusive apps that give students an edge. Here are 5 insider tips every student should know:

Schedule Classes, Group Meetings, and More with Skeddit


  • Sync schedules between friends to find common free times for study sessions
  • Set reminders for tests, project due dates, or club meetings
  • Color-code by course or priority to visualize your week
  • View schedules and send messages even without internet access
  • Locate friends on campus via location tagging

College students switch between classes, club meetings, study sessions, and more all day long. Skeddit lets you intuitively organize it all with customizable schedules, location-based reminders, and group messaging features. It beats digging through texts and emails to coordinate everyone and everything.

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Cram Smarter with Flashacademy

  • Access quizzes and flashcards filtered by topic to identify knowledge gaps
  • Attempt practice exam questions written by professors themselves
  • Replay recorded lectures at adjustable speeds focusing on unclear sections
  • Track your progress with instant analytics on strengths and problem areas
  • Export customized study guides organized by your courses

Finals season getting you down? Flashacademy is like homework help from the best TA on campus right on your Primebook. Use customized quizzes, flashcards, and videos based on your courses to prep for tests or brush up on concepts you might have missed (or slept through). It makes retaining all that information a little less intimidating.

Take Notes Faster with Markup Maestro

  • Import slides, papers, or screenshots to annotate with a premium stylus
  • Outline topics and ideas into main points and subpoints
  • Embed images, audio clips, and web links for multimedia notes
  • Search notes by keywords or tags for easy review
  • Share notes, docs, and annotations with study groups
  • Export everything to cloud storage or LMS platforms like Canvas

You shouldn’t have to choose between paying attention in class or getting all the notes down. Markup Maestro makes organizing course notes, slides, recordings, and textbooks more efficient. With everything perfectly integrated and searchable, studying is a breeze.

Manage Group Work with Collablab

  • Simultaneously co-edit shared documents in real-time
  • Track project to-do lists and assign tasks
  • Store all files, links, and conversations in one place
  • Integration with cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Face-to-face video chat makes problem-solving visual
  • Review all activity and contributions by member

Group projects quickly get disorganized with everyone emailing edits to files or facing merge conflicts on Google Docs. Collablab fixes this by giving your project team a specialized platform to share and update files, assign tasks, chat, and video conference. No more back-and-forth file attachments or miscommunications.

Save Money with ShopSavy

  • Discover daily deals, sales, and promo codes for local shops
  • Price compare online stores when shopping for textbooks
  • Set budget goals and track spending
  • Get cash back rewards from purchases that go towards tuition
  • Find the cheapest gas stations on or around campus
  • Share deals with roommates for bigger savings on household needs

Being a student is expensive enough between tuition, housing, textbooks, and fun. ShopSavy makes life a little more affordable by scoring you the best deals around campus and online. Use your location to discover happy hours, student discounts, and more. Saving money never felt (or looked) so good!

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Final words

With the Primebook’s long battery life and lightweight mobility, students can tackle their ever-growing to-do lists anywhere their ambition takes them. With the exclusive apps doing some of the heavy lifting and organizing their busy student lives, they have time for what matters most - friends, new experiences, and learning. The Primebook truly is a college student's new best friend!


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