Primebook Vs. Tablets: Decoding The Best Device For Your Digital Learning

Primebook Vs. Tablets: Decoding The Best Device For Your Digital Learning



Nowadays, people have recently discovered the perks of e-reading. With the wide acceptance of e-reading or digital reading concepts, multiple gadgets have been introduced. Amongst those people prefer to consider tablets and Primebook.

However, there’s an ongoing debate to find out which device is better and why. In this piece of writing, we have made things easier for you by showing a quick comparison and detailed features of each gadget. With this, you can conveniently find out which is perfect for you and why. Let’s explore more regarding it in the following points.

Tables VS Primebook: Which One Is Better?


If reading is your hobby and you often carry a bulk of books along with you then we are here with an incredible solution. You should switch to tablets as they are highly convenient to carry and you can download a bunch of different books from them. With this, you can read them offline and enjoy your “Me Time” without any hassle. However, there’s an extensive range of tablets available especially e-readers that offer the listed perks and traits:

  • Eliminate keeping the book as it is not a struggle anymore.

  • Tablets come with a built-in light.

  • Users are served with built-in dictionaries.

  • Feel free to purchase an endless amount of books on your tablet.

  • Travel friendly

  • Play music and read simultaneously

  • Highlight texts without using a highlighter

Such traits and features are the paramount reason behind the incredible craze of tablets for digital reading. With this, you can get a travel-friendly gadget that is storing an extensive range of your favorite books that you can access accordingly.


Tablets can be great for portable viewing and entertainment. But when it comes to reading, learning and productivity, laptops offer critical ergonomic advantages along with superior input options. Let's explore why laptops like Primebook provide a better experience for tasks requiring extensive typing or advanced functionality.

Here’s a list of astonishing features of Primebook that makes it worth considering:

4G Performance: 

The developers of Primebook offer an incredible product under budget. You are going to get MediaTek MT8788 SoC along with 4G support. Besides that, users are served with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage that is expandable up to 200 GB.

It shows if you want to read books and use the Internet this is the perfect product to opt for. It offers remarkable performance and the expandable storage allows you to extend its storage capacity. With this, you can download and keep desired stuff without getting bothered.


Using a laptop allows you to adjust the screen and keyboard positioning to customize your setup. The independent screen and keyboard can be angled to reduce strain on your neck and eyes during longer computing sessions. In contrast, tablets lock your hands and eyes into one set position right in front of the screen. This can promote poor posture and lead to fatigue in the neck, shoulders and back.

Larger, Well-Positioned Screens:

Primebook Laptops feature bigger screens than tablets, 11.6 inches. This provides a more visible area for reading and viewing documents. The screen is positioned just behind the keyboard, bringing content closer to your seated eye level. Tablets have smaller 7 to 10 inch screens located directly in your hands. This constant close-up viewing can strain your eyes.


The desktop-style interface of Prime operating systems enables true multitasking. You can have multiple apps, windows and browser tabs open simultaneously. Switching between tasks is seamless. Tablets are more limited in running multiple apps at once and lack the precise navigation of trackpads/mice.

Superior Text Input:

Laptops excel at text input thanks to full-sized keyboards and responsive trackpads. The tactile keyboard allows for faster, more accurate typing which is key for writing essays, reports, emails, coding, and other projects. Tablets rely on touchscreen typing which is slower and prone to errors. Laptops also allow the use of shortcuts and commands to expedite work

Android-Based App Ecosystem: 

Primebook contains an unlimited ecosystem of Android-based apps. It shows users are served with convenient access to more than 10,000+ apps. Such applications are different as they are classified based on productivity, learning, and entertainment category. Besides that, the users can immerse in an unparalleled digital learning aura that makes Primebook perfect for students as well.

The bottom line

When it comes to tablets and Primebook, the tablet offers limited features and access. On the other hand, Primebook is an incredible product that comes with listed features and more. There’s a range of different features and programs which makes it perfect for students and adults both.

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Not only Windows laptops are costly but also they do not have the right ecosystem of apps, especially for digital education. All the e-learning apps are Android first and Primebook is an Android laptop with compatibility with all smartphone apps

Primebook is made in India. Primebook has patent-pending multiwindow and multitasking support for all android apps which ensures all existing android smartphone apps run seamlessly on PrimeOS. This app support is way better than a Chromebook. Primebook is more affordable, has a larger screen, it has 4G sim capability, more speed than the most affordable Chromebook available in India

Primebook has better ergonomics for students, it has laptop productivity, a larger screen size, and dedicated keyboard shortcuts. Primebook has multitasking capabilities which means while watching a video a student can simultaneously google search and create notes. This is not possible on a Tablet. Primebook gives more productivity than tablets as it has complete laptop productivity with the Android app ecosystem

Primebook are updated with March 2022 security patch update, which is the latest security update provided by google AOSP and it is being used by leading brands like Samsung, and Lenovo.

Primebook can continuously run a 720p youtube video for 9 hrs with a single charge. The charging speed is 10% to 100% in 1 hour.

Institutes or Parents can manage apps, manage websites, get usage reports, and control the devices at group and sub-group levels. This MDM essentially helps the institute create the right digital ecosystem for students.