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Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / All About Meta Virtual Reality or Metaverse!

Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / All About Meta Virtual Reality or Metaverse!

Ananya Dasgupta

08 Apr 2024

All You Need to Know About Meta Virtual Reality

All About Meta Virtual Reality or Metaverse!


Virtual reality (VR) has boomed the web world in the last couple of years, and so has augmented reality (AR). But while sci-fi is an ever-evolving phenomenon, so is technology. In recent times, scientists, tech researchers, developers, and industrialists are keener to bring a more “robust”, “reliable”, “stable”, “flexible”, “scalable”, “connective”, and “financially advantageous” technology called the meta virtual reality or metaverse. It’s the future of our world, and this blog shall cover all you need to know about meta virtual reality to picture what the future looks like! 

What is Meta Virtual Reality or Metaverse?

Meta virtual reality, commonly referred to as metaverse, is a new digital reality technology where various aspects of virtual reality, augmented reality, online gaming, social media, and cryptocurrencies are combined. This cutting-edge revolutionary tech is meant to offer a shared virtual environment for people to interact with one another, create and play games, trade, and monetize blockchain technologies.  

How Does Meta Virtual Reality or Metaverse Work?

Originating from the 1992 cyberpunk novel Snow Crash, “metaverse” is a 3D virtual world, like in the novel. Here, you can socially and professionally interact with your friends, travel in the 3D world, invest in cryptocurrencies, take classes, and work collaboratively.  It’s where both the physical and digital worlds can coexist simultaneously and influence the activities and behaviours of everyday life.  

By availing of meta virtual reality or metaverse, you can have your avatars, which are typically digital manifestations of human beings, living and progressing in the digital realm. However, unlike humans, they can be of different shapes and forms. For instance, it can have a moveable limb or a face devoid of verbal cues. 

No doubt, avatars are your ticket to entering the metaverse world, moving around, and exploring it. But you shall also require technologies like VR headsets, VR glasses, and other receptive tools to immerse yourself into the world of the metaverse. 

In this domain, a versatile cross-platform game engine is used alongside artificial intelligence and spatial computing. Then, it’s integrated with blockchain, collaboration tools, 3D modelling and design tools, 3D scanning tools, and more to give you a fascinating virtual experience like never before. 

What Are The Benefits of Metaverse in 2024?

The constantly evolving meta-virtual reality is set to hail the world in 2024 with multiple boons. They are as follows. 

1. First and foremost, the realm of the metaverse can empower people with the economic opportunity of digital monetization and simultaneously mitigate the risk of potential monetary losses.

2. It can help improve open, accessible, and interoperable healthcare services. Doctors can practice realistic surgical operations rigorously and succeed in them in real life, even when the conditions are critical. 

3. Education can become more exciting and fruitful with the help of the metaverse. Students can experiment with their wild ideas without spending extra money on resources and without being exposed to the adverse effects of working with certain materials.

4. Metaverse can enhance retail consumer branding and the associated commercial prospects by allowing users to interact with various brands, products, and services through humanoid avatars.

5. Metaverse can be utilized as a significant platform for networking. You can meet like-minded people, share ideas for mutual development and success, and work on various projects collaboratively.

6. The flexibility that metaverse brings can help companies promote remote work and train employees in crucial job roles. People can travel to any location across the globe without even booking accommodation and commute tickets. 

In a nutshell, combining several technological and social trends, meta-virtual reality or metaverse will be a dynamic revolution just like the internet. Although we can find some metaverse platforms and apps today, the complete potential of this real digital world is yet to come before our eyes. In fact, as Mark Zuckerberg says, Facebook will be seen as "a metaverse company" instead of a social media company "in the next five years or so”. 

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