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Blogs / Educational Bytes / Discover The Top 5 Creative Apps for Students!

Blogs / Educational Bytes / Discover The Top 5 Creative Apps for Students!

Ananya Dasgupta

27 Mar 2024

Top 5 Creative Apps for Students

Discover The Top 5 Creative Apps for Students!


Creative gaps are common to all, and more so when a student goes through a tight study schedule daily. It feels like a mental block that doesn’t allow you to think anything creative and relevant, indeed! But when life empowers you to constantly improve your cognitive and creative skills, why not embrace it? Discover the top five creative apps that can help you take a break from your hectic schedule and help bring out the creative juices in your life all over again. 

Koala Sampler

Koala Sampler is one of the top creative apps for students fond of music and beats. With an intuitive interface, this creative app allows you to record audio and transform it into 64 samples using 8 built-in effects. You can adjust the audio pitch, volume, and pan and even trim it as necessary. You can create adjacent beats, add swings and quantise them using its high-resolution sequencer. Besides, this app allows you to unleash greater creativity by applying 16 different live effects while recording the audio.    


For science enthusiast students, SimplePhysics is one of the best creative apps that enables designing various complex structures and simulating them with a sophisticated physics engine. Whether you want to make a unique submarine, a Ferris Wheel, or a dramatic penthouse, this app stocks multiple features to bring out your creative skills. You can apply ragdoll physics animations to your design, test it in slow-motion mode, blow the design with a realistic explosion, enhance the design accuracy via finger test, and more.  

Simply Piano

Simply Piano is another of the top creative apps for students intrigued to learn piano in a fun and fast way. Regardless of your musical taste and playing level, you can leverage this creative app to fetch courses and tutorial videos. By availing of this app, you can learn to read music sheets and play piano with both hands. You can use the existing tons of library songs and slow them down when required to learn at your own pace. Moreover, if you don’t have a piano or keyboard, you can learn with its 3D touch piano.


For students who love painting, Sketchbook is one of the best creative apps to avail in 2024. It’s versatile and has various features to create artistic paintings, illustrations, or simple sketches. The interface is easy to use and gives a natural artwork experience. With design tools like digital pens, customized brushes, colour palettes, stroke tools, rulers, etc., you can enjoy the freedom to stylize your art as suitable. You can create layers and use the blend mode to explore the effects on your artwork.


Scribblenauts is not just one of the top creative apps for students to bring out the writer in them. But it’s also an exciting puzzle game that enhances your imagination to solve problems faster and better. By availing of this creative app, you can delve into an adventure where each level stands as a playground, and you can create objects and store the previously summoned ones. There are challenges that you need to solve by thinking out-of-the-box, combining logic, and creating quirky characters or objects.     

To wrap up, the aforementioned creative apps are meant for students of all ages and grade levels, as learning and creative enhancements, both, are never-ending processes. You can start working on it at any time! All you have to do is choose your key arena of interest and opt for availing the creative app accordingly. If you are a Primebook user, you can find these Android apps on the Prime app store and use them on a multitasking interface.   

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