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Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Explore The Top Apps for Aptitude Tests in 2024!

Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Explore The Top Apps for Aptitude Tests in 2024!

Ananya Dasgupta

11 Mar 2024

Top Apps for Aptitude Tests in 2024

Explore The Top Apps for Aptitude Tests in 2024!


If you want to strengthen your aptitude and unleash your complete potential in your job interview or exams, utilising the various online apps for aptitude tests is a perfect call. With the increasing rise of educational apps in recent times, improving IQ is just a matter of some time. Are you wondering which are the top apps that you can start using for your aptitude test this year in 2024? Well, this blog shall display them to you!  


One of the top apps to test and enhance your aptitude in 2024 is IndiaBIX, which stocks something for all. Whether you are preparing for a competitive exam, job interview, or entrance test, IndiaBIX can serve great! This aptitude testing app includes multiple subjects, from quantitative aptitude, technical aptitude, programming aptitude, and biochemical or microbiology skills to current affairs, verbal and nonverbal reasoning, networking, and so forth! 

Although the app appears outdated in terms of interface aesthetics, it comes up with detailed solutions for every question. Possibly, that’s what has paved for over 10 lacs of downloads of IndiaBIX today. Besides, the menu system in this free app is intuitive and intricate simultaneously, keeping users challenged all the time!  

Logical Reasoning Test

If you are looking forward to testing and uplifting your logical reasoning aptitude specifically, there’s no better than the Android app called Logical Reasoning Test by Nithra. This free aptitude testing app is meant for all competitive exam aspirants and involves over 3000 questions covering 30+ topics. It not only gives you access to the practice test papers. But you can also find the best tips and tricks for acing your logical reasoning aptitude.

The app enables you to monitor your progress constantly and even provide answers to questions. But you may not find a detailed explanation of the answers herein. You can skip and jump questions and choose to answer the ones you feel are more applicable to your specific practice requirement. The interface is user-friendly, and you can even use the app offline.  

Pocket Aptitude

When you seek to crack your UPSC, CAT, bank exams, or job placement and want to test your aptitude for that, Pocket Aptitude is one of the top apps to leverage in 2024. This aptitude testing app covers more than 2000 relevant questions on arithmetic aptitude, word problems, reasoning, etc. Here, you can see the questions being segregated following the topics and difficulty levels. It’s a free Android app, often regarded as the ‘preparation tool’ for those willing to boost their cognitive skills, especially in maths. 

One of the striking features of Pocket Aptitude is the four modes of usage it constitutes. They are ‘quiz’, ‘study’, ‘training’, and ‘challenge’. There are also two other unique features, the bookmark and the scratchpad, which make the app more appealing to a diverse audience. Till date, this app has over 5 lacs of downloads!  

Aptitude Plus 

With a simple, functional design, Aptitude Plus emerges on the bucket list of top apps meant for aptitude testing in 2024, particularly when you want to test and amplify your telematics abilities and English proficiency. The free app allocates study materials alongside each practice test paper. Performance analysis is also possible in this app. If you come from a Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Kanada, or other language background, the practice test papers written in English in this aptitude testing app stand easily adaptable.

You are likely to get useful content and a collection of test prep in Aptitude Plus, but you may often fall short of fetching the variety of topics. Yet, it’s a no-frill app built with the needs of beginners in mind, as evident from the straightforward display of mathematical equations and symbols herein. Additionally, this app allows you to avail of and utilize the practice tests offline.      

Mechanical Aptitude Test Prep

Meant specifically for testing and elevating an individual’s mechanical aptitude, Mechanical Aptitude Test Prep is undeniably one of the top apps to take aptitude tests in 2024. The practice questions you get in this app encompass a vast range of mechanical topics. Whether you want to enhance your aptitude in basic physical forces, tools, and materials or thermodynamics, hydraulics, and Pneumatics, this app offers it all! Each answers come with a detailed explanation, and you can get both written and video-based study materials. 

The app interface is easy to use and allows users to set timers for the practice tests. But sometimes, your aptitude testing endeavour may be interrupted by ads. You can take that as a break! Mechanical Aptitude Test Prep is a free Android app, and you can use the question bank, entailing around 200 questions in four sections. 

Now, to sum up, I would like to say that – the scope of learning is certainly expanding with the advent of such applications where you can test and challenge your abilities, further nurturing them. You can find all these learning and aptitude testing apps in the built-in app store of our Primebook laptops.      

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