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Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Explore The Top Digital Art Softwares for 2024!

Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Explore The Top Digital Art Softwares for 2024!

Ananya Dasgupta

18 Jan 2024

Explore The Top Digital Art Softwares for 2024!

Explore The Top Digital Art Softwares for 2024!


Regardless of the kind of artist you are, an occasional painter and sketcher or a professional graphic designer, the digital world has much in stock to upskill your creative abilities! Digital art softwares are among them, and you can always explore such softwares to reinvent your artistic journey in 2024. Now, you must be pondering which digital art softwares to begin with and which are the top ones in place! Hold on! This blog shall bring into limelight the top digital art softwares for 2024 and showcase their unique features and perks. So, are you ready for this aesthetic adventure? If so, keep reading!   

1. Adobe Illustrator 

Undeniably, Adobe Illustrator is one of the top digital art software to use and leverage in 2024! It’s a powerful and innovative vector graphic editing software ideal for the artistic endeavors of businesses. Using this digital art software, you can create a series of illustrations and artworks, from creative brand logos and 3D web graphics to quirky packaging designs and advertisement flyers and infographics. 

Adobe Illustrator offers diverse digital art tools to draw and paint freehand on the screen, like digital pens, pencils, and brushes. You get a library of fonts to add text to your graphics and advanced color schemes to mix and match color effects, apply gradients, and bring a unique color palette. However, this digital art software works on a subscription basis, so you ought to pay to use it! 

2. Adobe Photoshop

If and when you want to indulge in animated artwork, Adobe Photoshop is one of the top digital art software to embrace in 2024. This raster graphic editing software keeps advanced animation options and a plethora of features to edit existing photos with unique textures and lighting. Adobe Photoshop is also known for transforming images into professional paintings. Besides, there are various templates to create out-of-the-box print-style designs. 

By availing yourself of this top digital art software in your artistic pursuits, you can even derive realistic AI-generative images! It is because this software now has an integrated ethical AI bot, regarded as Adobe Firefly. The best part about Adobe Photoshop is its compatibility with a wide range of devices, whether Mac, Windows, or Android! But you need to purchase a monthly or annual subscription to access and use it.        

3. Corel Painters 

Corel Painters is undoubtedly another of the top digital art software you can utilize for digital canvas creation in 2024. This creative software suite incorporates a unique feature that you may not find elsewhere, and it’s none other than the custom brushes and color palettes. Indeed, you can now curate layers of paints and play around with the color effects to bring into the picture a profound artistic masterpiece. 

Moreover, this digital art software allows third-party integration, making it easier for you to use Photoshop plugins or Wacom drawing tablets simultaneously. You can download and try this software for free from your Mac or Windows gadget, but you won’t get the latest feature updates therein. To fetch all the updated features, you must buy a subscription, which is a bit expensive.   

4. Procreate

Designed exclusively for iPad, Procreate certainly reserves a place on the list of top digital art software for 2024! It’s an all-rounder digital art studio favored by most illustrators for sketching, painting, and editing images on the go! Procreate offers an easy-to-use interface, and you can seamlessly use its vector-masking feature to create precise, sharp edges and alter the density mask. 

Using this digital art software, you can access several natural media tools, like watercolors and charcoals. You can keep your artwork orientation to both landscape and portrait. On top of that, Procreate allows you to use Apple Smart Connector and Pencil. If you’re a beginner, this software shall empower you with various digital art courses on color harmony, layering, blend modes, etc. However, it isn’t a free software till now!  

5. ArtRage

If you seek to make some out-of-the-box digital oil painting artworks, there’s no better than ArtRage! It is one of the top digital art software that stocks various features for oil painting purposes, such as oil paint pencils and brushes. Likewise, you can also get digital image editing features, like filters and effects tuning. Furthermore, ArtRage’s interface can be customized, so you can relocate some panels from your artwork to a separate monitor and rotate or scale any of those floating panels. 

There’s another significant utility of ArtRage that you won’t want to miss out on as an artist. Yes. ArtRage enables you to record and playback your art creation process in every stroke. This feature is called ‘Script Files’ and stands for effective self-learning. ArtRage is compatible with iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Android and comes in a ‘Lite’ version. While the ‘Lite’ version is typically free, it holds limited features. 

Now, to conclude, I would like to say that –  There are multiple other digital art software and even more upcoming ones in 2024 that you can feel free to use. While some you can get for free, some require a one-time purchase or subscription payment. Gracefully greet them for your aesthetic objectives and gear up to unleash your creative potential to the fullest!  

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