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Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Explore The Top Virtual Reality Games of 2024

Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Explore The Top Virtual Reality Games of 2024

Ananya Dasgupta

19 Jan 2024

Explore The Top Virtual Reality Games of 2024

Explore The Top Virtual Reality Games of 2024


Virtual reality games are typically video games that enable you to get a realistic feel within a 3D virtual world. Over the years, Virtual reality games have gained immense popularity because of the dynamic and exciting experiences they offer. While 2023 has been the pivotal year for the advent of such unique gaming systems, there’s more awaiting in 2024. If you want to discover and indulge in such virtual reality games in your free time in 2024, here are the top picks for you!       

1. Arizona Sunshine 2

Are you fond of playing Zombie games? If so, Arizona Sunshine 2 is one of the top virtual reality games you must try in 2024. Available on Steam and PlayStation Store, this game is a sequel to the renowned game VR Apocalypse. It takes you to the Sunkissed world of Arizona and is all about facing off and slaying zombies in a fast-paced setting. The games also allow you to pet a dog and set your gunplay your way.    

2. Bow-Bots

If you are more into shooters and action games, don’t miss out on Bow-Bots for your 2024 bucket list! It is another of the top virtual reality games that’s about to take the stage in a few weeks. Here, you can play as a devil-like bow-wielding bot with metallic shoes, shooting targets, extracting robust arrows, and recharging your shields. Bow-Bots is even expected to support cross-platform gaming and shall be available on Steam. 

3. Behemoth VR

If combating monsters and beasts intrigues you a lot as a gamer, the 2023-released Behemoth VR is a top virtuality reality game for you to explore in 2024. This game shall take you to the plague-enraptured wasteland of an ancient glorious empire, where you fight with the giant behemoths and other monstrous enemies. You shall get various tools to defeat the creatures in this story-driven VR gameplay. It’s available on PC, PlayStation VR 2, Meta Quest 2, etc.      

4. Epyka  

Epyka is one of the top upcoming virtual reality games for puzzle solvers and those who love to dive into the world of adventure and mystery. In this game, you shall play as a space explorer, Scott Hudson, unveiling new secrets at every stage. You shall also have a dog named Jack who accompanies you everywhere. Together, you have to fight battles with sinister forces, solve puzzles, and explore the island of Epyka. This game is likely to be available on Meta Quest.    

5. I Expect You to Die 2

Are you a James Bond fan? Do you like to get into the shoes of a detective, taking down criminals with your intellect and smart tactics? If yes, I Expect You to Die 2 is the top virtuality reality game to embrace in 2024. Here, you shall play as an international superspy, dodging through the various traps laid for you, like an escape room, hidden lasers, and more. You can get this humor-based game with an immersive VR experience on Meta Quest 2 or Oculus Rift.   

6. Warplanes: Air Corp

If and when your heart calls for some jet-riding games, there’s no better than the recently launched Warplanes: Air Corp. It is another of the top virtual reality games that grabbed the spotlight, being a part of the popular series called Warplanes. In this game, you get to ride a variety of aircraft, from fighter jets to helicopters, and engage in air combats. This game stands available on several platforms, such as PlayStation VR or Steam.   

7. Lost Recipes 

Do you want to experience a relaxing cooking game with a spectacular virtual reality touch? In that case, Lost Recipes is a perfect option! This top virtual reality game is also suitable for newbies who wish to get rid of their boredom in a unique way. Here, you have to cook accurate recipes of historical dishes using various ingredients and culinary methods. With every accurate dish, you please a ghost and unlock a new stage and new cooking features. Lost Recipes is available on the Meta Quest platform.    

Now, to conclude, I have to say that — virtual reality games of diverse types! While some are based on action and adventure, some are causal, imaginative, or strategic. You can even find multiple innovative ones like those offering you a rhythmic play and a myriad more! Depending on your individual taste and gaming knowledge, you can choose the one that appears more appealing to you! Indeed, each has some surprising elements that constantly keep you in awe!  

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