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Blogs / All About Primebook / Primebook - Affordable Laptops for Kids in India!

Blogs / All About Primebook / Primebook - Affordable Laptops for Kids in India!

Primebook Team

02 Jan 2024

Primebook - Affordable Laptops for Kids in India!

Primebook - Affordable Laptops for Kids in India!


According to a survey by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), the early phase of childhood is when kids’s creativity stands at its maximum. They intend to explore, experiment, and fantasize about various things they see around them. No doubt, it’s possible for you, as a parent, to instill and enhance this creativity amongst your kids through continuous education right from the kindergarten level. 

In the era of robust technological revolution, imparting such education among kids has become easier and more efficient. Embracing one such revolutionary technology, or precisely, the affordable laptop, Primebook, can help create a compelling, creative learning environment for your kids. How? Let’s discover that below!   

1. Pool of Educational Android Apps

The world of technology has contributed to numerous digital learning apps for kids to learn in a fun and happy environment and stimulate their traits, like self-confidence and motivation. These apps are typically Android-based to accommodate learning from any mobile device. However, using those apps from a mobile interface may fail to engage your child in such a learning process due to the inferior view. That’s why Primebook, functioning on an Android-based operating system, PrimeOS,  brings those apps on a laptop interface. 

Yes. Our affordable laptops have an in-built app store consisting of all educational apps your kids can use to play, learn, and boost their abilities, from thinking and forming judgments to growing tolerance for anxiety. Hereby, your kids can even develop a healthy and merry daily learning habit beyond textbooks and classroom encounters.      

2. Content Consumption & Creation on Point

Indeed, the age of six to ten is when a child’s understanding of nature, society, and culture gets shaped. Based on kids’ access to varied educational settings, they form their interpretation of different events and knowledge. The digital domain is one such interactive space that offers kids multiple educational content. Educators share animated videos to demonstrate tough topics. They arrange for online collaborative study meets and trivia games! But your kids cannot consume or create content with their utmost efficiency from phones and tablets as such devices don’t assist in multitasking.       

On the contrary, the affordable Primebook laptops do provide multitasking options. Besides, there’s a full-size keyboard for better typing, and the power-efficient MediaTek processor leaves no room for loading downtime. Hence, by availing of these affordable laptops, your kids can freely learn at their own pace and without unnecessary interruption.  

3. Safe Browsing, Impactful Knowledge Acquisition

Vesting digital literacy to kids often makes them vulnerable to cyberbullying, online predators, misleading information, and inappropriate content like hate speech or pornography. It is more because kids may not look beyond the attractive veil of digital content and differentiate between the positives and negatives. That is where the role of parents and educators gets more crucial. You need to create an optimal balance of structure and freedom for your kids when imparting them with a digital learning environment! 

The affordable Primebook laptops enable you to do so via a parental control feature. Here, you can lock apps that aren’t for kids, set timers for them to use gaming apps, and frequently derive app usage reports. So, you can ensure that your kids securely browse from the laptops while you can keep an eye on it through your phone.   

4. Fast Charging, Continuous Learning

Undeniably, laptop battery drains are frustrating for your kid’s digital learning experience, especially when they engage in resource-intensive activities like video conferences or e-learning apps. Furthermore, your kid’s room may not have a power outlet near their study area, making it all the more difficult to continue their online studies. Your kids have to wait for the laptop to be usable again, and such a break can deviate their focus from the learning endeavor. So, as a guardian, you must empower them with a laptop that has a fast charging opportunity. 

One of the most affordable laptops in 2024, Primebook, does offer such a perk for your kids’ consistent learning! With this fast-charging feature, the laptop battery gets charged from zero to fifty percent in only thirty minutes or so! Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your kids missing important study sessions, and they can, on the other, carry forward their extensive tasks round-the-clock!        

5. Uninterrupted Connectivity, Greater Productivity

As per a survey conducted by Deloitte, 45% of the parents have said that wifi connections are too slow in their areas. UNICEF also mentions internet connectivity as one of the most critical barriers to digital learning for students. They say that nearly two-thirds of the students worldwide, including kids, don’t have access to a fixed internet connection. Even for those who do, lack of consistent electricity is an issue! Such factors are more vividly found in India, and it’s precisely why Indian parents and educators must opt for devices that ensure uninterrupted connectivity for a kid’s digital learning. 

Bridging such digital divides, Primebook, the affordable laptop available across all Indian cities, comes with both wifi and 4G SIM connectivity. Thus, your kids can now stay connected to the internet all the time, inculcate their productivity to the core, and unleash their potential to the fullest. 

Herein, the bottom line is that our laptops meant for kids’ learning come with all of the above-mentioned benefits that you may not find elsewhere. Above all, they are available at a price below Rs.15,000, making it affordable for all parents in India to give their kids an enhanced digital learning atmosphere. 

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