Primebook Wifi Laptop Deals and Discounts: Big Billions Sale on Flipkart

Primebook Wifi Laptop Deals and Discounts: Where to Find the Best Prices



With the launch of the Primebook Wifi, the budget laptop space has seen a lot of innovations and competition from all brands which has led to higher specs and lower prices. A bold move that has proven to be highly beneficial for those on a budget. And if you are a student in dire need of a robust computing device for school, why not try out the Primebook Wifi? It won’t burn a hole in your pocket, we promise.

But what if you wanted to save more than what was already on offer? Too good to be true? Well, with this guide, we aim to help you find the best deals and discounts with Primebook Wifi for the best bang for the buck. Let’s get right into the specifics.

Where can I buy the Primebook Wifi?

Both the variants of Primebook Wifi are exclusively available on Flipkart on Big Billion Sale. As of now, the device is not available on other platforms or in offline stores. There is also the official brand website, but the buying link will only redirect you to the Flipkart page.

So, if you are looking to buy Primebook Wifi, Flipkart stands to be the only option for you.

Best Prices on the Primebook Wifi

The Primebook Wifi 64 gig variant is priced just starting from 8,990 INR and the 128 gig variant is priced starting at 10,990. If you want to save further on the cost, here are a few deals on Flipkart at Big Billion Sale that you can avail of.

Price discounts

  • Exchange Discount: Buyers can avail of an additional discount of up to 10,990 INR by exchanging an old laptop. This can help you get rid of any outdated laptop in the house and bring home the Primebook Wifi at an unbelievable price.

            Do note that for the best exchange price, your device should be in working condition without any visible physical damage to the body or screen.

  • Credit card discount: Buyers with select credit cards can avail of an instant additional discount on the selling price. 

            Since these deals are stackable, you should be able to get a decent discount on the Primebook.

Other offers

Apart from the cashback and discounts, there are plenty of other deals that can help you save later when you shop.

  • Future purchase coupons: Buyers also get a surprise cashback coupon which is redeemable on future Flipkart purchases.
  • Flipkart Pay Later Partner Offer: Sign up with Flipkart Pay Later when buying the Primebook and get a free subscription to Times Prime.

Note that all offers mentioned are applicable exclusively on Flipkart's Big Billions 2023 sale.

Financing Options

If you are looking to buy Primebook Wifi on EMI, you can avail of the facility using your credit card. Almost every other major credit card is eligible for EMIs. EMI options start at 387 INR per month. Ensure to check the interest rate and tenure before proceeding with this option. However, a point to note is that there is no “No-Cost EMI” option available with the Primebook.

For more information on financing, check the product page on Flipkart.

The Primebook Wifi is an affordable Android laptop that offers a ton of computing power at a fraction of the cost of a traditional laptop and with these awesome deals, the price comes down even more. Contact Us Today, if you need to know anything about our products and services delievery, and lot more.

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Not only Windows laptops are costly but also they do not have the right ecosystem of apps, especially for digital education. All the e-learning apps are Android first and Primebook is an Android laptop with compatibility with all smartphone apps

Primebook is made in India. Primebook has patent-pending multiwindow and multitasking support for all android apps which ensures all existing android smartphone apps run seamlessly on PrimeOS. This app support is way better than a Chromebook. Primebook is more affordable, has a larger screen, it has 4G sim capability, more speed than the most affordable Chromebook available in India

Primebook has better ergonomics for students, it has laptop productivity, a larger screen size, and dedicated keyboard shortcuts. Primebook has multitasking capabilities which means while watching a video a student can simultaneously google search and create notes. This is not possible on a Tablet. Primebook gives more productivity than tablets as it has complete laptop productivity with the Android app ecosystem

Primebook are updated with March 2022 security patch update, which is the latest security update provided by google AOSP and it is being used by leading brands like Samsung, and Lenovo.

Primebook can continuously run a 720p youtube video for 9 hrs with a single charge. The charging speed is 10% to 100% in 1 hour.

Institutes or Parents can manage apps, manage websites, get usage reports, and control the devices at group and sub-group levels. This MDM essentially helps the institute create the right digital ecosystem for students.