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Blogs / All About Primebook / Primebook's 2023 Glory: Awards Roar, Recognition Soar!

Blogs / All About Primebook / Primebook's 2023 Glory: Awards Roar, Recognition Soar!

Primebook Team

25 Jan 2024

Primebook's Awards and Recognition in 2023

Primebook's 2023 Glory: Awards Roar, Recognition Soar!


Primebook is happy to announce that after continuous efforts to deliver cost-effective laptops to students and learners in India, we were able to bring an award and recognition to the house in 2023. Are you interested to know what they are? Well, then, get a seat! This blog shall brief through the awards and recognition we, Primebook, received in 2023. 

Recognition as No. 1 Laptop Brand Under Rs.20,000 Category 2023 – by Flipkart 

India’s leading e-commerce platform offering myriads of products, from groceries, beauty products, and clothes to books, home appliances, and tech gadgets, Flipkart, recognized Primebook as the No. 1 laptop brand under the Rs.20,000 category for the year 2023. Amongst so many high-end laptop brands, getting this recognition from Flipkart was undoubtedly a dream come true for our Primebook team. 

With our rating of 4.2 out of 5 following the votes of 2531 Flipkart users, Primebook secures the No. 1 place! We believe it is because of the laptop’s performance efficiency, Android-based operating system, unique keymapping feature for Android gaming, and availability of all necessary ports are the main reasons that made us reach “No.1”. 

Editor’s Choice “The Most Useful Gadget For Students” Award 2023by DEVICENEXT!   

One of India’s popular B2B online media platforms, delivering content on the latest technology news, new tech gadgets, product reviews, and so forth, organized an award ceremony in December 2023. This ceremony aimed to honor the best technological innovations of the year, and about 400+ nominations were submitted to them for the awards’ winner selection across diverse categories. After meticulous analysis and evaluation, they came up with a list of true champions.  

It is where our Primebook 4G laptop bragged a place as the winner, exclusively in the Editor’s Choice segment for being the “most useful gadget for students” in 2023. They stated that our Primebook 4G is specifically meant to tailor “academic tasks” and also highlighted that whether for research and assignments or entertainment, our laptop’s “decent performance” serves right! Besides, they have appreciated Primebook 4G’s “compact design” and “lightweight build” and the fact that all of these take the stage “within an affordable price range”!

A Note of Gratitude for Flipkart and DEVICENEXT - From The Entire Primebook Team! 

The Primebook team is excited to receive such an award and recognition from the two prestigious platforms. We would like to give our heartfelt gratitude to Flipkart and DEVICENEXT for acknowledging our product potential and considering us to be the best in the specific categories. The award and recognition gave us a fresh boost to buckle up our tech-innovating mission. Hereby, we pledge to bring more improvisation to our existing laptop variants and even new ones in the upcoming future. We pledge to fulfill our aim of delivering budget-friendly and efficient laptops to all students in the country!

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