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Blogs / All About Primebook / Best Student Laptop For Online Classes In India

Primebook Team

14 Dec 2023

Best Student Laptop For Online Classes In India

Best Student Laptop For Online Classes In India

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Nowadays, a good laptop has become necessary for students. Irrespective of all age groups, they need a good laptop to attend online classes, store educational materials, and manage their study notes. Hence, students need to find the best possible laptop that carries all major features & solid specifications with an affordable price tag. 

The best student laptop is ought to fulfill all the major computing requirements. Here, we are going to mention all the requisite specifications a school or college students need in their laptop. 

1. Processor: First and foremost, students need a fast & power-efficient processor in their laptop to effortlessly perform their day-to-day academic tasks.  

2. Operating System (OS): Next, students need a laptop that runs on an Android OS. It's because most learning apps are made for Android, and not for Windows. 

3. Memory (RAM): A minimum of 4 GB of RAM is required for a student to pursue their online learning without loading issues. 

4. Storage: To stockpile all the learning materials in one place, students need a laptop that holds a minimum of 64 GB of storage and is expandable as per necessity. 

5. Display: An HD display is essential for a student to get a clear view of the educational videos and academic illustrations on the laptop.  

6. Battery Life: A minimum of 6-8 hours of battery backup stands requisite for a student to pursue their study sessions without any hindrance. 

A lot of laptops exist in the market and claim that they are the best laptop for students. However, their price tags are typically above 50,000, which cannot be a standard price for a student laptop. Indeed, for students, a laptop is a need, not a luxury!

So, brands should make affordable laptops under 25000. Primebook has come up with a solution for the same problem & launched 2 Android laptops to cater to the students with all the necessary features. Let's explore both laptops meant to suffice a student's needs!

Primebook 4G

Primebook 4G is an Android-based laptop for students which gives the freedom to access all the major e-learning, gaming, and entertainment apps. This laptop has a MediaTek MT8788 processor along with a MediaTek Integrated ARM Mali G72 graphic processor, which is a powerful processor for all the student's needs. 

This stylish laptop comes with an 11.6-Inches HD IPS display and bears a weight of 1.065 Kg. It has all the necessary ports, along with 4G SIM connectivity, so that students who can't access a fixed internet provider can also pursue online education. We all know that the availability of Wi-Fi is very common in tier 1 cities but many tier 2 and 3 cities and small towns in India still don't have that facility yet. Primebook's 4G variant is the best solution for all those students who want to learn & enhance their skills without worrying about relocation to big cities.

This specially designed laptop for students comes with 2 variants, 4 GB RAM + 64 GB Storage & 4 GB RAM + 128 GB Storage, respectively. Also, you can expand the storage up to 200 GB with a microSD card, which is again very cost-efficient. Students can buy the laptop as per their work requirements.

As we have talked a lot about learning & academics, we must also acknowledge the need for playtime. This laptop has a unique Keymapping feature so students can enjoy all the Android games on a bigger screen. Students can easily customize the keyboard shortcuts and trackpad responses by availing of this intuitive feature, which enhances the navigation experience when gaming.

Primebook Wifi

Primebook Wifi is also an Android-based laptop for students, powered with a MediaTek MT8183 processor & Integrated ARM Mali G72 graphic processor. It comes with 4GB of RAM, which allows students to juggle multiple tasks seamlessly and enjoy smooth transitions between assignments, research, and more. 

This laptop comes with two storage variants, 64 GB & 128 GB. Both variants allow for expansion of the storage up to 200 GB with a microSD card. So students can keep all the digital documents, learning apps, and entertainment library on this compact laptop.

Primebook Wifi laptop also has the keymapping feature so students can play all the Android games. Students can easily allocate their gaming controls to feel the same fun as on their touchscreen phones. Except for 4G SIM connectivity, it has all the other features like the Primebook 4G laptop and allows the same user experience. 

To assist you in this crucial decision-making process, we have explained the best laptops for students. Both laptops provide a balance between performance and budget. Above all, Primebook laptops also have a unique feature of parental control which is important for students who need parental supervision for safe internet access.

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