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Blogs / Educational Bytes / Tips & Tricks for Maths Olympiad Preparation 2024

Blogs / Educational Bytes / Tips & Tricks for Maths Olympiad Preparation 2024

Ananya Dasgupta

04 Jun 2024

Tips & Tricks for Maths Olympiad Preparation 2024

Tips & Tricks for Maths Olympiad Preparation 2024


To secure a top rank in the International Maths Olympiad (IMO) and receive widespread recognition for your maths skills and capabilities, you must engage in strategic preparation! However, while you typically have to prepare for this competitive exam alongside your school studies, you may not find a proper preparation pathway. This blog post can provide you with a brief insight into the prominent tips and tricks for your Maths Olympiad preparation in 2024.      

Learn What’s The Exact Exam Syllabus!

One of the most significant tips for students appearing in the Maths Olympiad 2024 would be to learn the detailed syllabus for this exam. This is because the syllabus for the Maths Olympiad may vary from your exact academic syllabus and is typically categorized into 4 different segments. You need to know the diverse topics under each segment and prepare yourself, accordingly.  

Understand The Exam Pattern.

Another of the crucial tips to enhance your Maths Olympiad 2024 preparation is to get a vivid understanding of the exam pattern. This would include the types of questions, number of questions for each segment, marks for each question, total marks, and so forth! Such a step will help you pursue your lessons precisely. You can utilise the previous years’ question papers for this purpose. 

Collect Study Materials; Organize Them.

The next essential tip for your Math Olympiad 2024 preparation would be to collect the whole range of study materials, from IMO books to sample question banks and keep them organized in one place. If you mostly resort to online question papers, PDFs, and e-books, make a separate folder for the Maths Olympiad exam on your laptop and store all files therein.  

Practice, Practice, and Practice…

Tips and tricks for Maths Olympiad preparation ought to involve what empowers you to ace your maths skills and become more competent and that’s none other than practising.  Constant practice can give you a deeper understanding of a particular maths concept and help build a strong foundation of problem-solving abilities. Indeed, practice is a way to challenge your intellect and keep getting better each day!

Leverage The Benefits of The Web World!

While the web world is full of educational resources, another salient tip for improving your Maths Olympiad preparation in 2024 would be to leverage them. You can find multiple e-learning platforms that offer comprehensive guidance for your Maths Olympiad exam. Some apps can help you sharpen your maths skills in a fun and engaging way, and much more! 

Don’t Miss Working on Time Management!

Working on your time management skills is undoubtedly one of the must-try tips and tricks for your Maths Olympiad preparation. As all the stages of the Maths Olympiad are time-bound, learning to complete your answers on time can enable you to stay ahead in the race. In this regard, you can set time limits when solving a sample paper and use a time management tool or app to create a study routine and follow it accurately.      

Constantly Track Your Progress.

Your Maths Olympiad preparation can’t be complete without tracking your progress! You need to identify your areas of strength and weaknesses, and constantly find ways to boost and overcome them, respectively. Taking mock tests is the ideal way to track your progress. You can either indulge in the mock tests conducted by the various e-learning apps and platforms or pursue them individually.

To conclude, the Maths Olympiad exam is a tough nut to crack and you must keep finding various hacks to elevate your preparation. You need to acknowledge the most essential mathematical skills and study smart. By availing of a Primebook laptop, the scope of smart studies increases. It’s because you can access the various e-learning apps and online resources for your Maths Olympiad preparation on a multitasking interface, create a study repository with ample storage space, and practice uninterruptedly with a 6-hour battery life.    

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