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Blogs / Educational Bytes / Top 5 Android Apps to Develop Vocabulary!

Blogs / Educational Bytes / Top 5 Android Apps to Develop Vocabulary!

Ananya Dasgupta

01 Mar 2024

Top Android Apps to Develop Vocabulary!

Top 5 Android Apps to Develop Vocabulary!


No doubt, the foundation of any language is vocabulary, and it’s what helps you communicate with the surrounding human world in your everyday life. While effective communication is crucial for growth and prosperity, you constantly need to develop and uplift your vocabulary skills. For this purpose, multiple Android apps have emerged in the digital learning landscape in the post-pandemic era. But you may often wonder which Android apps can accurately help develop your vocabulary better than ever before. Relax! This blog lists the top ones!  


Quizlet is one of the top Android apps to develop your vocabulary in a fun way. You can read and practice making new words and phrases through flashcards, quizzes, true and false, MCQs, and more. Whether you want to enhance your vocabulary in health, beauty, games and sports, food, film, TV, and theatre, or science and technology, business, and workspace, it’s all possible with Quizlet.   

This Android app allows you to access audio transcriptions to learn various pronunciations. You can create a new flashcard if you find a new word and store the flashcard sets in diverse folders. The quizzes you take to develop your vocabulary are segmented into various learning modes, time, and memory. It’s a free app, but for leveraging add-on features, many in-app purchases shall be at your disposal.  


PowerVocab is another of the top Android apps for developing vocabulary through a gamified experience. You can participate in word challenges and learn the appropriate meaning of a word, its pronunciation, definition, and appropriate instances where you can use it. You can also challenge other online players for a 90-second game and earn or lose 10 points for every correct or wrong answer, respectively. 

This Android app is extremely beneficial for GRE, ASVAB, SAT, or GMAT aspirants looking to develop and enhance their vocabulary as a part of their exam prep. Here, you can also search for unknown words and take random MCQ quizzes in easy, medium, and hard levels. You can personalize the number of questions you want to have in the quiz between 5 to 20. It’s available in both free and paid versions.

Words with Friends

Have you ever played the board game called Scrabble? Words with Friends is similar to it but meant for advanced learners to develop and boost their vocabulary skills. If you are one of them, it’s a top Android app for your learning endeavor. Through a crossroad-styled puzzle to play with your friends and other online surfers, you can brainstorm on various words by choosing letters and placing them on the grid.  

By using this Android app, you can play in multiplayer mode and map all possible moves or words you could have formed. You can even test yourself solo when offline. It’s a timer-based game to develop your vocabulary, and you can score points with every new word you make. All of these are available for free. However, more add-on features exist in the app that you can avail of by paying up.  


If you want to brush up your English vocabulary for a corporate job interview, there’s no better than the Android app called Voxy. It is one of the top Android apps meant for serious learners to develop their vocabulary in a structured setting. Whether you want to meet a client for business or pass an exam like TOEFL, Voxy can offer personalized vocabulary training with one-to-one live tutorial sessions and real-time feedback. 

This Android app analyzes your learning needs in the initial place and provides both audio and visual content accordingly. There are also karaoke-style music lessons for a fun vocabulary development session. You can download vocabulary lessons to study offline and pursue exercises to test your skills. Voxy is a free app, but many in-app purchases are present!    


Although Busuu is a comprehensive language learning app, their lesson to develop vocabulary is significant! This is why it’s also considered one of the top Android apps to develop your vocabulary in a collaborative environment. Busuu allows you to learn English words, phrases, and idioms from native speakers via video chats. You can also learn other linguistic vocabulary, like Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, etc. 

This Android app provides various vocabulary-learning tips for both written and spoken pursuits. You can play quizzes to track your vocabulary development progress and practice reading, writing, and speaking in a definite language. On completion of your vocabulary learning course with tests, this app offers a certification. Busuu is typically free, but to acquire the certification and avail of some features, you need a paid subscription! 

Now, to wrap up, let’s go by the old saying – “Words can be sharper than swords,” and the more you develop your vocabulary, the more your brain gets to retain information. To enhance your IQ via vocabulary, don’t wait to explore and use the above-listed top Android apps on our Android-based Primebook laptop.    

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