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Blogs / Educational Bytes / Top 5 Online Learning Apps for 14-18 Years Old Teenagers

Blogs / Educational Bytes / Top 5 Online Learning Apps for 14-18 Years Old Teenagers

Ananya Dasgupta

20 May 2024

Top Online Learning Apps for 14-18 Years Old Teenagers

Top 5 Online Learning Apps for 14-18 Years Old Teenagers


Exponential advancement in science and technology has transformed the education landscape in India and beyond, especially in the post-pandemic era, and online learning apps are the major markers herein. By utilizing the meaningful and rich contents of these apps, teenagers these days, specifically, those from 14-18 years, can boost their academic, cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioural skills. But while there are too many online learning apps and the teen’s needs are variant, finding the right one can be difficult. Hence, this blog uncovers the top 5 online learning apps for 14-18-year-old teenagers to explore in 2024. 

1. True or False Chemistry 

True or False Chemistry is one of the top online learning apps for 14-18-year-old teens who intend to learn the periodic table and basic chemical concepts or facts. It’s more like a fast-paced chemistry game, where teenage kids have to identify as many elements as they can into true or false within one minute only. Developed by Peter Li, this app entitles users to play online, compete on leaderboards, earn achievements, and share results on various social media platforms. 

2. Kahoot

Developed as a part of a joint project with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Kahoot is another of the top game-based online learning apps for 14-18-year-olds. By availing of this app, teens can engage in trivia games, quizzes, practice flashcards, quick reviews, surveys, polls, and more. Parents and educators can create quizzes for their kids in a few minutes using a variety of templates and also track the learning progress of the teen kids. Besides, teens can play both as individuals or in groups.

3. myCBSEGuide

As the name suggests, myCBSEGuide is one of the top online learning apps for 14-18-year-old CBSE students. With sample test papers to practice lessons, mock tests, chapter-wise questions and answers, video tutorials, quick revision notes, and one-on-one doubt-clearance sessions, it acts as a more holistic online learning app. Moreover, the app allows you to create a personalized learning plan tailored to your 14-18-year-old’s strengths and weaknesses. Teens can even play study quizzes with their friends on this app.  

4. FunEasyLearn

For learning a new language or enhancing existing language skills, FunEasyLearn is what a 14-18-year-old must embrace! It’s one of the top online learning apps that offers lessons in 34 different languages, from Spanish and German to Chinese and Korean. How the app provides language lessons is designed to fit the tight schedules of a teenager. There are 5-minute lessons each, teaching 5 new words. In addition, teens can get features like vocabulary builder, speech recognition, offline access, conversation practice, etc.

5. Quizziz

Quizziz is another of the top online learning apps in 2024 that offers an interactive and engaging learning experience for 14-18-year-old teens with gameplays and practice quizzes. Teenagers can avail of this app to join quizzes with game codes, compete, earn points, and scale up on the leaderboard. The app offers instant feedback on your answers, enabling you to identify improvement areas. In fact, there are also features like flashcards, live video conferencing, study guides, differentiation tools, and more.

To sum up, all the above-mentioned online learning apps for 14-18-year-old teenagers are accessible on our Primebook laptop. Teens can enhance their digital literacy, leverage these apps to create healthy daily learning habits and collaborate on various digital projects across the globe using our laptops. They can open two or more of such Android apps on the laptop and utilize them simultaneously.    

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