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Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Top Android Apps for Kids to Learn STEM Courses in 2024

Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Top Android Apps for Kids to Learn STEM Courses in 2024

Ananya Dasgupta

07 Mar 2024

Top Android Apps for STEM Courses

Top Android Apps for Kids to Learn STEM Courses in 2024


While the government of India has allocated an enormous budget for the pursuit of STEM courses during the interim budget allocation, 2024, India is certainly getting ready to become a powerhouse of STEM in the near future. So, as a parent, you may aspire to give your kids training in this regard right from their initial educational impartment. For this purpose, many apps have come up to teach your kids in the dynamic departments of STEM in a playful way. Now, if you are wondering which among them can serve apt, this blog on the top Android apps for kids to learn STEM courses in 2024 shall highlight them all.    

Simple Machines

Simple Machines is one of the top Android apps for kids to learn STEM in a fun and engaging way. Built by Tinybop, this STEM-learning app enables learners to conduct Physics experiments with six machines, namely, Screws, Levers, Pulleys, Wedges, Inclined Planes, and Axles and Wheels. 

By using this app, learners can test these machines to study mechanical benefits, motion and force, energy conservation, action-reaction,  input-output, and other scientific concepts. Learners can split an iceberg, send satellites to space, demolish a castle, bring out a fish tank from water, and more.

The app’s interactive labels are available in around 40 diverse languages, from English, French, and Dutch to Japanese and Chinese. Not only does this app offer the “playful side of Physics” for free. But learners can also download a handbook to fetch a better grasp of the various Physics topics.    

Monster Math

Monster Math is another of the top Android apps to educate your kids on STEM topics in 2024. As the name suggests, this free educational app empowers kids to learn and practice mental maths, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more, through an interactive approach. 

Kids can participate in Mathematics quizzes based on the Common Core Standards of Grade 1-3 Mathematics curriculum. This particular feature of Monster Math can help your kids to test multiple calculation skills simultaneously and play in multiplayer mode to practice maths in a collaborative atmosphere.  

The app also incorporates an adventurous feature where kids can explore diverse worlds, combat enemies, make friends, and so forth. You can filter certain maths skills for your child to practice and subsequently derive a complete progress report. Besides, this app comes ad-free, ensuring a focused learning landscape for your kids.  


If you want to educate your kids in programming languages like Python and JavaScript, enable them to avail of Tynker. It’s one of the top Android apps offering STEM courses through a unique story-based learning experience. With 5000+ lessons on coding skills, data science, animation, robotics, etc., this app serves learners within the age group of 5-18. 

On this BYJU’s-made app, learners need to perform block-based tasks and may also participate in playful assessments to track the progress of their learning endeavour. There’s a specified learning path or methodology for every learner. For instance, it may start from block coding and end at advanced CS.  

Not only can kids and teenagers learn at their own pace and time by using this app, but they also leverage the different in-app tutorials given by expert coaches. The adaptive dashboard makes this app easy for kids to use. While some features of this app come for free, some require a payment to unlock.  

The Robot Factory

For training your kids in the field of robotics, a significant part of the STEM curriculum, The Robot Factory is a must-try app in 2024. It is another of Tinybop’s top Android apps designed for kids to learn to build various robots and test them to see how they fly, run, hop, or do a specific activity. 

The app offers over 100 interchangeable bot-creation features, such as exoskeletons, monster feet, hydrostatic tentacles, G-force mixers, magnets, hooks, megascopes, zephyr mechanisms, etc. So, your children can experiment with different features to achieve unique humanoid robotic results.   

It’s one such free app that allows learners to record sounds for the robotic creation and give it a personalized essence. There’s also an option to colourize the robotic creation using nine dynamic colour schemes. As a multi-user system, the app enables learners to share and showcase the robotic creation with friends and other app users.  


If and when you intend to train your kids in the various domains of STEM, especially engineering and health, BrainPOP is a great go-to option. This is another of the top Android apps for kids to gather knowledge on STEM through animated movies, interactive quizzes, and playful practice tests.

The two main characters of its animated movies are Tim and Moby. They are the host of these videos, talking about complex scientific, technological, and engineering topics in simple words. In addition, the app features a Make-a-Map section that learners can use to combine different words and images in the form of a complete map layout.    

One of the latest incorporation to this app is the coding section that students can use to write codes. The assessment section, on the other, holds multi-dimensional games called Time Zone X and Sortify enabling learners to enhance cognitive skills like sequencing, categorization, etc.  

To conclude, you must note that the arena of STEM is broad, and empowering your kids to learn in a niche domain of STEM may require you to search for the specifics. However, if you want to just begin with the basics, the aforementioned Android apps are the most suitable. If you are a Primebook user, you can find these apps right on the built-in app store of the laptop.   

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