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Blogs / Educational Bytes / Top Android Apps to Enhance Your Kid's Creativity in 2024

Blogs / Educational Bytes / Top Android Apps to Enhance Your Kid's Creativity in 2024

Ananya Dasgupta

11 Mar 2024

Top Android Apps to Enhance Your Kid's Creativity in 2024

Top Android Apps to Enhance Your Kid's Creativity in 2024


Fostering your kid's creativity and artistic skills right at the beginning of their development journey stands vital for myriads of reasons. Indeed, engaging in creative activities can help stimulate a kid’s cognitive abilities, from critical thinking and problem-solving to motor control, memorization, and perception building. In this digital era, forming a creative space for your kids is very easy. It’s because many apps came up for such a purpose, and you can enable your kids to avail of them in their free time. So, this blog lists some of the top Android apps that can help enhance your kid’s creativity in 2024.    

Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D is one of the top Android apps for enhancing your kid’s creativity in a fun and engaging way. This free app shall enable kids to make cartoons and other 3D animations using various easy-to-use drawing tools. Besides, there’s a feature to mix soundtracks using a wide range of built-in music, and it’s called Soundtrack Magic

Kids can save their animated stories and include family photos in them. They can add narrations to the stories by recording their audio. Kids also get an option to select three different story acres for digital storytelling, namely – Classic, Short Story, and Science Report. They get to export their creation and share them with friends and family.    

Spelling and Phonics: Kids Games

Spelling and Phonics: Kids Games is another of the top Android apps for empowering kids to boost and unleash their creativity while learning words and spelling. This free educational app is like a treasure trove of 10 diverse spelling games your kids can indulge in to inculcate their literary skills playfully. 

On this app, kids can match letters to form a whole picture, spell out the picture name using jumbled letters, etc. The colourful and quirky graphics and animation within the app interface make it appealing to kids. As a parent, you can even track your child’s learning progress through report cards. Stickers and certificates are also available to share your kid’s learning accomplishments.  

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If you want your kids to engage in architectural creativity, there’s no better than the app called Townscaper. It’s undoubtedly one of the top Android apps to enhance your kid’s creativity in 2024 by playing a sandbox-style game. The app allows kids to create picturesque cities and towns, block by block, including streets, cathedrals, canals, bridges, houses, etc.   

With its artistic charm and simplicity, this app can serve great for the development of a kid’s fine motor skills. There’s a colour palette feature to help kids make the digital canvas brighter and articulate their whimsical imaginations into vibrant and delightful art. Although it’s not a free app, the nominal payment it requires is worth investing in for your kids’ cognitive growth.  

Beck and Bo

Another of the top Android apps for kids to enhance their creativity is Beck and Bo. This play-and-learn app includes a puzzle game. Here, your kids need to experiment with the placement of various objects, characters, and animals that keep arriving on the screen from time to time. 

With new surprises popping up constantly, kids’ enthusiasm remains on point, and so does their focus level. It’s a great learning app that enables your kids to learn the names of a specific object, animal, or character by tapping on it. In fact, there are 12 different thematic scenes with sounds in the background.      

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Hidden Through Time  

While you want to boost your child’s creativity alongside teaching them various world history topics, Hidden Through Time must be your go-to app. It’s one of the top Android apps to enhance kids' creativity and bring out the explorer in them via an interesting hide-and-seek game.  Here, you kids shall get cryptic hints to discover the secrets as they head through the bright hand-drawn levels.

The app needs your kid to locate a certain number of historical objects to advance to the next level of the game. Its four challenging stages typically cover four historic ages for your kids’ learning. However, it’s a paid app working on a one-time purchase model. If you have a Play Pass Subscription, you can access this app for free!     

In a nutshell, leveraging the given Android apps can not only help uplift your kids’ creative skills. But it also makes room for their daily learning habits in a smart and engaging method. Each of these apps encompasses age-appropriate content and is safe for your kids' usage. If you have bought a Primebook laptop for your kid or plan to buy one, you shall get all these apps straightway in its built-in app store. 

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