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Blogs / Educational Bytes / Top Summer Research Programs in India, 2024

Blogs / Educational Bytes / Top Summer Research Programs in India, 2024

Ananya Dasgupta

12 Apr 2024

Top Summer Research Programs in 2024

Top Summer Research Programs in India, 2024


No doubt, summer is the time when high school students aspire to explore their interests across various verticals, expand their knowledge and skillsets, and delve into different research opportunities. Research programs occurring in India today are not just meant for the experience or strong networking with like-minded peers, but also for establishing the foundation of future career endeavours. Hence, in this blog, we shall cover the top four summer research programs in 2024 that you as an Indian student can indulge in, depending on your preference!    

Offline Summer Research Programs in India, 2024

Here are two of the top summer research programs happening in-campuses in 2024 and you can feel free to apply to make your summers more productive. 

Ashoka University Young Scholar Program 

Research Subjects: Multidisciplinary
Eligibility: Students in Class 9 to 12 (during the program tenure) 
Program Dates: 20th to 31st May 2024 and 3rd to 14th June 2024. 
Application Deadline: 21st April, 2024
Cost: Rs.49,500 all-inclusive (Financial aids provided as per needs)

It’s one of the top certification-based residential summer research programs to avail of in 2024. Under this program, there are five different subprograms to pick from depending on your subject of interest; each of which is held for 5 days. While one program is tailored for students passionate about scientific disciplines like Maths, Astrophysics, Biosciences, etc., the other includes research options in generative AI & ML, Cryptography, and Cybersecurity Ethics. Then there’s the one that covers Social Sciences and disciplines aligned with Humanities; another on Finance, Marketing, Branding, and so forth!

 Programs at Amity University Summer School  

Research Subjects: Multidisciplinary
Eligibility: Students of Class 10-12 and 2024 12th Passouts.
Program Dates: 10th to 21st June, 2024
Application Deadline: June 2nd Week (based on the previous year’s application) 
Cost: Rs. 18,000 all-inclusive. 

This is another of the top residential research programmes in India, available in various subject areas, like Forensic Science, Nanotechnology, Aerospace & Avionics, Electronics & Communication, English Communication & Journalism, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Law, Film Awareness and Film Making, etc. The program shall take place for two weeks, enabling students to get acquainted with life at college or university before attending it and make informed career choices. Students shall receive university certification after the successful completion of their specific research programme. 

Online Summer Research Programs in India, 2024

Here are the top two online summer research programmes in India, 2024 that you can avail of from the comforts of your home to utilise your long summer vacation.  

Visiting Students Research Program by TIFR

Research Subjects: Mathematics
Eligibility: Students Pursuing Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree  
Program Dates: 20th May to 21st June, 2024.   
Application Deadline: 15th April
Cost: Free of Cost 

This online summer research program exclusively on Mathematics is a one-month-long program where students can interact with the leading mathematicians of India, witness special lectures, and derive an advanced reading course on maths. The research programme also includes a stipend of Rs. 7000 for each student while there are no fees to apply. However, applicants need to showcase two referral proofs for the program from teachers or persons within the academia they have interacted with. Besides, applicants must provide a 400-word write-up demonstrating their interest in mathematics.    

YLAC’s The Young Researchers for Social Impact Program 

Research Subjects: Social Science
Eligibility: Students of Class 10-12 (including the immediate 12th pass-outs and those going into 10th)
Program Dates: 22nd June to 21st July, 2024. 
Application Deadline: 5th May 2024. 
Cost: Rs. 25,000 + GST

Designed for talented high-school students for a month, this online summer research program is another of the top ones in India. This is because the program holds a holistic structure with skills and learning sessions, team meetings and project work, individual work, and mid-week office hours. Students are expected to spend 20 hours a week on this program, primarily on weekends. This makes it easier to manage school commitments and simultaneously work on impactful social science projects. Students derive a certification after completing the program.  

To sum up, we have put forward some of the top summer research programs in India, 2024 that you can still apply for in case you have missed out on many of the prestigious ones before. The information given here is based on the ones we had till the date of publishing this blog. Please refer to their official website to get a vivid understanding of the application process, as they may get updated or changed from time to time at the organizer’s discretion. For more such updates, stay tuned to   

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