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Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Top Virtual Reality (VR) Websites in 2024

Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Top Virtual Reality (VR) Websites in 2024

Ananya Dasgupta

03 Jun 2024

Top Virtual Reality (VR) Websites in 2024

Top Virtual Reality (VR) Websites in 2024


Standing in 2024, there’s always something coming up in the world of Virtual Reality (VR). You can move through boxy rooms and dance with 3D geometrical shapes representing human dancers. You can play virtual ping pong, drag a product virtually into a digital bag, and so forth. While such robust VR experiences make you intrigued for more, here are the top 5 VR websites you must bookmark and visit to better understand this revolutionary technology.  

1. Road to VR

Road to VR is a leading website that covers the latest news about the VR world. Founded in 2011 by Ben Lang and Paul James, this website explores the immersive technologies of today and those of the distant future, offering useful tips on their utilities.  For instance, they have reviewed the premier VR headsets. With a feature called Daily Roundup, this website delivers VR-related posts into audiences’ inboxes.

2. Hypergrid Business

Hypergrid Business is a publication website indexed by Google News. It offers content on the enterprise usage of immersive VR environments and virtual worlds. Established in 2009, this website has over 250 contributors and over 3400 posts based on virtual reality hardware, software, industry trends, etc. The key focus here goes to OpenSlim, an “open-source peer-to-peer” VR platform, empowering users to transmit virtual objects, messages, and even avatars from one world to another.  

3. VR Fitness Insider

VR Fitness Insider is a unique website that tends to help audiences use VR and AR to improve health and fitness, endurance capacity, physical strength, body composition, aesthetics, etc. Founded in 2016 by Ryan DeLuca, this website conducts podcasts and reviews on the latest VR items in the health and fitness sector, giving tips on using them effectively. They also talk about how the various VR-based enterprises support and engage in healthcare upliftments. 

4. Touchstone Research 

Touchstone Research is an advanced research website that offers top-of-the-line VR-based consumer insights and research about various aspects related to the next-gen VR. Such reports and infographics are beneficial for marketing agencies and brands incorporating VR technologies in their diverse functionalities. They provide market research tools for VR product testing, VR concept testing, VR app testing, VR game testing, and so forth. 

5. zSpace

zSpace is an educational website that helps students get enhanced learning on the dynamic aspects of VR from anywhere and at any time. Launched in 2007, this website aims to bring a common point between the education system and virtual reality by offering video-based lessons, e-books, immersive online courses, and more. They also work to integrate VR technologies into computers and laptops, bestowing users with an interactive computing experience.

To sum up, there are multiple websites that cover some or the other aspects of VR you may not have known before. Some websites even offer you a VR experience in their web interface and features to give the users a dramatic experience when landing on their websites. The count is only going up, and do miss giving a hit every time you come across such a VR website.     

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