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Blogs / All About Primebook / What Does The Primebook Warranty Policy Cover?

Blogs / All About Primebook / What Does The Primebook Warranty Policy Cover?

Primebook Team

31 Jan 2024

What Does The Primebook Warranty Policy Cover?

What Does The Primebook Warranty Policy Cover?


No doubt, a product warranty, especially for tech gadgets, stands vital for you to understand the product quality! It assures you that the device shall function exactly as intended for the stipulated span! Even if it fails to do so on any occasion within the specified time, you can have the option to get it repaired, rectified, or replaced without spending any additional money. We at Primebook acknowledge it, and precisely why we’ve created a customer-centric warranty policy for all of you. If you’re looking forward to learning more about the Primebook warranty policy, this blog can serve you right!      

When Can You Avail of The Primebook Warranty? 

Here are the enlisted circumstances when you can avail of the Primebook Warranty. Take note of them! 

  • If and when you notice a manufacturing defect in our device, be it a hardware malfunction or that of the software, you can avail of the Primebook warranty.
  • Besides, whenever a repair is required, and you pursue it from our team, but there’s still a defect in the device you receive, you can reclaim the warranty within six months. However, such a case is as rare as nil because our technicians conduct complete functionality testing before handing over the repaired or rectified device!
  • On the same note, in case the faulty product unit cannot be repaired or rectified on our part, we offer a replacement for you. But such a replacement shall be done with a device that comes in an equivalent condition, with or without accessories and/or packaging.
  • Additionally, Primebook offers a six-month extended warranty to customers from time to time, but such an offer is limited and comes with certain terms and conditions. To grab and avail of such warranty offers, make sure you stay tuned to our official website and social media channels.        

In Which Cases Are Primebook Warranty Not Applicable? 

Although Primebook’s warranty policy aims to take a holistic approach, there are certain cases in which you cannot avail of our warranty. Here they go! 

1. The tenure of Primebook’s warranty is fixed at 12 months from the date of purchase. So, you cannot make a warranty claim after the tenure expires, not even if you haven’t used the device within the warranty timeline for any reason whatsoever it is! 

2. If there’s damage to your device due to thunder, lightning, abnormal voltage, or any other cause that isn’t in the hands of human capacity, you cannot claim a Primebook warranty. 

3. In case there’s damage to the device due to reckless or improper use, misuse, spillage of liquid on it, or an accident, you cannot get the Primebook warranty claim. 

4. Primebook warranty is not applicable if and when your device gets damaged physically by house pets, rodents, pests, or repair undertaken by an unauthorized individual.

5. Also, if your device gets damaged from exposure to extreme temperatures, water logging, or atmospheric conditions, you aren’t eligible to claim a warranty. 

6. Above all, while your device gets damaged from using non-specified chargers and breaking or cutting wires, it is not applicable for a Primebook warranty claim.  

How To Claim Your Primebook Warranty?  

If you’re looking forward to a claim for your Primebook warranty, here’s how you can go about it! 

Step 1: You have to connect with Primebook Customer Support on WhatsApp (+91 9667413981) between 10 am and 7 pm, any day of the week.   

Step 2: Our support agents shall guide you to troubleshoot your laptop. Make sure you follow all the steps as instructed. 

Step 3: If your issue doesn’t get resolved via call or chat, our team shall arrange for the device pick-up from your given address. It shall take about zero to three working days for our team to pick up the faulty device from the time of Airway Bill creation through our courier partner.  

Step 4:  Our technicians shall inspect the device and determine whether it requires repair, rectification, or replacement. 

Step 5: In the case of replacement, you shall typically fetch the equivalent product within one to six business days, depending on your location. In the case of repair and rectification, our team shall make the utmost effort to fix your device at its earliest. However, we cannot promise an exact time duration for that!

Now, to wrap up, I must say that – the aforementioned warranty policy details are given following what’s there to date and may be changed or updated later on, depending on the decisions of legitimate authorities. So, to know the latest updated Primebook warranty policies at the time you read this blog, keep visiting our home page or warranty policy page.   

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