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Blogs / All About Primebook / Why is Primebook 4G So Power-Efficient?

Blogs / All About Primebook / Why is Primebook 4G So Power-Efficient?

Primebook Team

22 Jan 2024

Why is Primebook 4G So Power-Efficient?

Why is Primebook 4G So Power-Efficient?


If you have heard about the power-efficient advantage of our Primebook 4G laptop and wondering how and from where our cost-effective laptop derives such power, sit back! This blog on why is Primebook 4G so power-efficient shall help you dive deep and subsequently locate the exact reasons.   

Primebook 4G: Leveraging The Power of MediaTek MT8788 Processor 

Primebook 4G undeniably derives the power efficiency from its processor, MediaTek MT8788. This particular processor model is a high-performance mid-range ARM system, i.e., a CPU type designed with Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) architecture. Although it is meant typically for smartphones, tablets, and advanced wearables, many laptops, especially those based on the Android operating system, can utilize this processor. So does Primebook 4G!

Since such an ARM processor consumes low power, indulges in lesser circuit complexity, and is small in size, it’s an appropriate option for the Primebook 4G laptop. Using this processor, our Primebook 4G laptop can fetch faster memory access and a comprehensive management section, including memory protection. There are several benefits of MediaTek MT8788 that our Primebook 4G leverages to deliver a seamless working experience to the students and learners daily.      

What are The Major Merits of MediaTek MT8788? 

If you want to know the significant merits of MediaTek MT8788 that makes Primebook 4G so power-efficient, here they go!  

1. Offers Exceptional Performance for Everyday Tasks

With the octa-core CPU embedding two clusters of four robust ARM Cortex-A73 and another four Cortex-A53, both having a clocking time of 2GHz, this processor enables The Primebook 4G users to benefit from an exceptional performance for their day-to-day tasks, and that too, without any loading downtime. Besides, such high-performance cores within the MediaTek MT8788 even equip the Primebook 4G users with an opportunity to play their favorite Android games right on the laptop interface.   

2. Ensures Faster and Uninterrupted Connectivity

While this processor takes the stage with a perfect blend of powerful hardware and a 4G LTE modem acting as a supporting system for CAT7 technology, the Primebook 4G laptop can offer users 4G SIM connectivity that allows faster access to the internet and devoid of any hindrance. Thus, by availing of our Primebook 4G laptop, students can download videos, audio, or other files from the web at a speed of around 300 Mbps.  

3. Permits Basic Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities

Yes. This specific MediaTek processor has an AI computing power of 0.7 TOPS alongside its built-in independent APU (AI Acceleration Processor) 1.0. Moreover, the standard TensorFlow lite integration interface it uses decreases the requirement of development resources for integration. As a result, it’s easier for devices to implement various AI features, such as face recognition, object identification, live video or selfie enhancements, etc. It’s the same for Primebook 4G, too!  

4. Boasts A Longer Battery Life

Furthermore, as this processor model is built on a 12nm FinFET manufacturing process, incorporates a solid core architecture (mentioned above), and holds a dynamic clock scaling, longer battery life stands to be a boon! That is why Primebook 4G can potentially translate a battery life of six hours minimum with a full charge when users pursue basic tasks through this laptop.     

In a nutshell, Primebook 4G is power-efficient because its advanced processor entails an improved efficiency compared to other dated processors! It’s also why Primebook 4G users can enjoy an ideal balance of performance, speed, and efficiency even when multitasking! No doubt, the 4 GM that Primebook 4G bears is a cherry on the cake herein!  

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