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Blogs / All About Primebook / Why Is Primebook Considered The Best Chromebook Alternative?

Blogs / All About Primebook / Why Is Primebook Considered The Best Chromebook Alternative?

Primebook Team

21 Dec 2023

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Why Is Primebook Considered The Best Chromebook Alternative?


Headlines across the web talk about the latest Chromebook alternative in the market, Primebook, but you don’t know why it’s called so? Are you wondering how such a new laptop brand became a significant and smart choice today, leaving behind the major tech giant? Well, you have come to the right place, as this blog shall shed light on all critical aspects that make Primebook a “prime” alternative to Chromebook. So, sit back and keep exploring! 

1. Primebook Is Much More Cost-Effective Than A Chromebook:

Indeed, a laptop built for students’ learning and productivity calls for a high price-to-performance ratio! This is because students have to use such a gadget regularly to perform various tasks. Besides, a student’s active lifestyle and carefree nature may result in the laptop’s wear and tear. Thus, a student’s laptop must always be cost-effective, where processing speed, battery, storage, and product durability should be worth the cost. Chromebooks are a bit expensive in this regard, with an average price of over Rs. 20,000. But that’s not the case with the Primebook! 

With an average price range under Rs.15,000, Primebook is the best Chromebook alternative! It is more because even while you may get a few Chromebooks under Rs. 20,000, the embedded features are nominal and cannot suffice the everyday learning schedule of a student. 

2. Primebook Comes with 4G SIM Connectivity Unlike Many Chromebooks:

The fixed broadband connection, i.e., Wi-Fi connection, in India is the lowest in the world, or precisely 1.69 per 100 residents, says the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). Therefore, most students in India, especially in Tier 2 and 3 cities and rural areas, inevitably have to rely on mobile internet connections for digital learning. Unlike Chromebook, Primebook recognizes this issue. Hence, it brings forth a 4G SIM connectivity within the laptop itself! 

By availing of Primebook 4G, you can now efficiently access the ocean of information available on the internet, make and take calls, attend online classes and seminars, and enhance your academic networking and overall learning endeavors. Yes. It’s certainly one of the primary reasons Primebook is considered the best alternative to Chromebook. 

3. Primebook Works on The First Made-in-India OS, the PrimeOS:

Tech gadgets like laptops ought to appear in the category of essential items in the recent digital era. As India is paving towards digitalization more and more, the need for domestic technologies is increasing. It’s not just to boost the national economy, indeed! But it’s also for catering to the specific needs and preferences of the Indian population. This is where Primebook again pops up as the best Chromebook alternative!   

In contrast to Chromebooks that operate on ChromeOS, Primebook laptops are based on PrimeOS, the first-ever made-in-India operating system. This operating system is built exclusively for day-to-day learning chores and productivity.  

4. Primebook Offers a Keymapping Feature You Can’t Find on Chromebook:

For a healthy mind, everyone needs an entertainment break to relieve stress via games, movies, or other hobbies. It is more during hours and hours of hectic study sessions. You might seek to play some FIFA, Candy Crush, or other favorite games! But not all Chromebooks available in the Indian market can offer you a superior navigation to win! They cannot provide you with a personalized gaming experience. That is where Primebook takes the stage as a revolutionary resort! 

Primebook laptops have a customized keymapping feature meant for gaming enthusiasts. This feature enables you to yield your productivity both for your extensive study sessions and in between fun and play!  

5. Primebook Holds A Parental Control Feature, But Chromebook Don’t:

While the web is full of distractions for students, bestowing a safe browsing experience solely for learning pursuits stands salient for any parent or educator. No wonder one of the prevalent worries that every parent in India has is that their children spend gala time on games and entertainment when given a laptop. Such an affair falls heavy on their academics, of course! Chromebook doesn’t pay much heed to such an issue, but Primebook does!  

Henceforth, Primebook incorporates a unique feature into the student’s laptop. That’s called Mobile Device Management (MDM). It allows comprehensive parental control over the student’s use of the Primebook laptop. You can lock unnecessary apps, restrict the usage of entertainment apps for a certain span, and derive usage reports from and on your mobile. 

So, the bottom line is you can feel free to buy a Chromebook, depending on your individual preference. But when life allows you to grab a technology that serves more efficiently and is affordable and convenient for learning, why not be smart, choose smart, and save smart? Why not go out of the box? Why not opt for Primebook as your Chromebook alternative? 

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