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Blogs / All About Primebook / Best Budget Laptop under Rs. 20000 in 2024: Primebook!

Blogs / All About Primebook / Best Budget Laptop under Rs. 20000 in 2024: Primebook!

Primebook Team

03 Apr 2024

Best Budget Laptop under Rs. 20000

Best Budget Laptop under Rs. 20000 in 2024: Primebook!


Looking to buy a budget laptop under Rs. 20000? Well, finding the best one with the perfect blend of performance, build quality, and features can be challenging. This is because many laptops, available within the budget segment of Rs. 20000, compromise on either of the above to save the cost. However, it’s not the case for Primebook! Our laptop not only comes under the budget of Rs. 20000 But also offers an ideal balance of performance, features, and build quality. It is the best when it comes to regular computing and learning. How? This blog shall guide you through!

A Brief on The Two Best Budget Laptops Priced Under Rs. 20000 

Our budget laptops come in two variants — Primebook 4G and Primebook Wifi. They are certainly some of the best gadgets to avail in 2024 if you are looking forward to witnessing a perfect combination of functionality and affordability in one box. Both these budget laptops are available in two colours, blue and black, and are priced under the budget of Rs. 20000.  

Features of Our Best Budget Laptops Available Under Rs. 20000

Within the budget of Rs. 20000, our budget laptops hold several significant features to serve your regular learning and computing needs. The best features are as follows.

1. Running on an Android-based operating system named PrimeOS, our budget laptops allow access to all the educational, entertainment, and gaming apps from the Android app ecosystem. This even includes Indian apps, such as Aakash iTutors or Udemy, that you may not find on Windows-based laptops or other Android-based laptops.

2. Our budget laptops are powered by the octa-core MediaTek processors. Therefore, they offer a seamless performance for your day-to-day tasks, like web browsing, playback multimedia, document editing, etc. Meanwhile, the 4 GB RAM makes sure you don’t face a loading downtime.

3. With a 6-hour battery backup, our budget laptop ensures that your focus and productivity stay on point. The Type C fast-charging facility enables you to resume work faster when the battery is over. Through this feature, our laptop’s battery gets charged from zero to fifty percent in approximately thirty minutes.  

4. Our budget laptops are lightweight in design and hold a durable casing. Hence, you can carry it anywhere and pursue your tasks on the go!

5. The full-size QWERTY keyboard of our laptop enables you to type with the utmost speed and efficiency. Likewise, the trackpad offers smooth navigation.

6. Both of our budget laptops have a storage capacity of 64/128 GB and another expandable storage capacity of up to 512 GB. So you can stock all your necessary documents, files, folders, tools, applications, and so forth!

7. Our laptops have an 11.6-inch HD IPS display, allowing you to visualize images, videos, and texts with a prominent view of the colours and edges.

8. The 2 MP web camera, alongside the dual microphone, enables you to attend online meetings or classes with ease.

9. Our budget laptops are equipped with all the essential ports you need, including DC or Type C, micro HDMI, USB 2.0, and 3.0. You can easily connect your laptop to pen drives, projectors, printers, phones, and more.

10. One unique feature of our budget laptops is Keymapping, which allows you to customize keyboard shortcuts and trackpad responses for a better gaming experience when playing Android games like Subway Surfers or Call of Duty.

11. Our budget laptops also have an MDM or Mobile Device Management feature, which enables you to lock certain apps, set timers for using specific apps, and derive app usage reports via a few clicks from your synced mobile.

12. Finally, the Primebook 4G, our best budget laptop of 2024, comes with 4G SIM connectivity in addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere without relying on a fixed internet connection, hotspot, or dongle.

Who Should Avail of Our Budget Laptops?

You can avail of either of our two best laptops, priced under the budget of Rs. 20000 if you belong among the following. 

1. Learners, regardless of age.  

2. Students, irrespective of grade level.

3. Freelance Workers. 

4. Educators.

5. Universities.

6. Colleges.

7. Schools.

8. Coaching Centers.

9. NGOs.

10. Ed-Tech Companies.  

11. Tech Enthusiasts.

12. Android Gamers.

User Testimonials for Our Budget Laptop under Rs. 20,000

You don't just have to take our word for it! Check out some testimonials our customers have left to see how well our budget laptops serve.

Testimonials on Primebook 4G  

1. “Best in the market! Best Laptop For Students.” – Udit Pratap Singh from New Delhi.

2. “I used this product for the last 6 months. The quality and performance of the device is very good.” – Himanshu Suryavanshi from Udaipur.

3. “First of all the laptop is bigger than I expected. The display is good at this price. The battery lasts over 7-8 hours with continuous usage (streaming online lectures). It takes approx 1.5 to 2 hours for a full charge. Performance is appreciable at this price. Multi-tasking is super easy. I just want to say thanks to the team who made this laptop. I just love this.” – Rahul Saw from Mumbai.

4. “Meets the basic needs. Can do almost every task without any issues. Happy with the product.” – Rakesh Babu from Secunderabad.

5. “Good Android laptop! Highly recommend buying Primebook. The battery is good. The display is good. Playing smooth Android games.” – Shubham Kumar from Gopalganj.

Testimonials on Primebook Wifi

1. “Fabulous Indian Product. Thanks, Primebook team, for bringing this product to us. Absolutely fantastic laptop for students. My daughter is using this laptop with ease. Good battery backup.” – Sivaramakrishnan K. from Chennai.  

2. “It's a must-buy laptop at this price range. Very good for office work while travelling. Easy to carry, lightweight laptop. I will recommend everyone to buy this laptop for your personal use.” – Sudip Das from Kolkata.

3. “Must buy! Best budget laptop.” – Ankit Soni from Hajipur.

4. “This product is value for money for those who want to attend online classes. The sound is very clear and crisp. The picture quality is clear. Very smooth while performing multiple tasks. Processor is well balanced.” — Md. Shahbaz Ansari from Agra.

5. “Honestly, this laptop keeps a smile on my face always with its appreciable performance.” — Parmanand Sah from Patna.    

What Comes in The Product Box?

When you buy our budget laptops, here is what comes in the product box –

1. One Primebook 4G/ Primebook Wifi Laptop

2. One Laptop Charger (Type C / DC)

3. One User Manual

From Where Can You Buy Our Budget Laptops?

The best place to buy both of our budget laptops, priced under Rs. 20000, is our official website, as you may get more discounts and offers from time to time. All you have to do is navigate through However, you can also buy our budget laptop from the Flipkart marketplace, one of the leading e-commerce platforms in India. Both the laptop variants are available therein!  

Price Range of Our Best Budget Laptops

The price range of our best budget laptops is between Rs. 12,490 and Rs. 15,490, depending on the model you choose. Primebook 4G is priced between Rs. 13,490 and Rs. 15,490, while the Primebook Wifi is priced between Rs. 12,490 and Rs. 13,490.

To sum up, Primebook is the best budget laptop, coming under the category of Rs. 20000. It can help you discover the limitless possibilities of the digital world, learn from anywhere and at any time, and unlock your complete potential. You can leverage this laptop, irrespective of where you live and which financial background you come from!   

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