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Blogs / All About Primebook / Best Chromebook Alternative under Rs. 15000

Blogs / All About Primebook / Best Chromebook Alternative under Rs. 15000

Primebook Team

07 Jun 2024

Best Chromebook Alternative under Rs. 15000

Best Chromebook Alternative under Rs. 15000


Android-based Chromebooks have gained immense popularity among students and educators these days. It’s because they offer the same services as smartphones and tablets but on a bigger screen. However, these portable ChromeOS-powered laptops still have certain limitations, especially those priced under Rs. 15000. That’s why you must look for alternatives that give you a similar or rather better computing experience than a Chromebook. This blog shall highlight how the Primebook 4G laptop emerges as the best Chromebook substitute within the same budget. 

Primebook 4G: The Better Choice than Chromebook under Rs. 15000!  

Here’s how the Android-based Primebook 4G laptop is a better choice for students and learners than a Chromebook under Rs. 15000.

Uninterrupted Connectivity, Anywhere, Anytime

As the name suggests, Primebook 4G laptops come with a 4G SIM Connectivity alongside Wi-Fi, unlike a Chromebook variant under Rs. 15000. This feature can empower you to uninterruptedly pursue your learning and computing tasks from anywhere. That’s even when no fixed broadband connection or dongle is available!

Freedom to Learn and Work Offline

Unlike a Chromebook priced under Rs. 15000, a Primebook 4G laptop enables you to read, write, create, and edit offline. By availing of this laptop, you can access and use the essential tools and applications from Microsoft Office, like MS Word, MS Excel, or MS PowerPoint with ease.  

A Complete App Store to Access Android Apps

While Chromebooks require you to access the Android apps through the Chrome browser extension, Primebook 4G laptops, running on the Android-based PrimeOS, give a complete app store. You can search, download, and install the Android apps from this app store and run them on an easy-to-use multitasking interface.    

Better Webcam for Better Virtual Collaboration

Compared to the 0.9MP webcam resolution of a Chromebook available at a price under Rs. 15000, our laptop serves better for your daily virtual meetings and classes. There’s a 2MP webcam positioned on the top bezel of the Primebook 4G display, which is optimal for video conferences in an indoor setting.  

Unique Gaming Feature for Fun-loaded Break Time

Our laptops also offer that no Chromebook does and it’s the Keymapping feature meant for Android gaming. This feature allows you to customize the keyboard shortcuts and trackpad responses to derive better navigation for playing games. So, by becoming a Primebook 4G user, you can have ample fun during your break time and let your brain rest and recharge.  

Chromebooks Offer Security & Battery Life: Primebook Has It Covered Too!  

No doubt, a Chromebook, irrespective of the price range, holds two significant benefits, namely – Enhanced security and longer battery life. These are the top reasons why students and learners in India consider buying a Chromebook. However, our laptops cover that, too! 

Designed to meet a student or learner’s needs, our laptop comes with constant security updates. In recent times, Primebook laptops constitute the March 2022 security patch update. It is the latest one provided by Google AOSP and used by the other leading laptop brands.

Besides, our laptops offer a 6-hour battery backup. This is sufficient for day-to-day learning and computing tasks, like document editing, web browsing, reading PDFs and e-books, etc. There’s a Type C fast-charging facility to help you resume more resource-intensive tasks like video streaming or gaming faster than before.

The Primebook Advantage: More than Just a Chromebook Alternative!

Primebook 4G laptops are not just mere Chromebook alternatives, but way beyond! They are made-in-India Android laptops, powered by the first-ever made-in-India operating system, PrimeOS. The pricing of these laptops is made to cater to all students and learners in India, irrespective of their financial background. 

So, as India is moving towards digital evolution, these laptops are like domestic assets that can help Indians to fetch digital literacy, access the benefits of the digital world, upskill and reskill themselves, and achieve career goals. 

In a nutshell, the Primebook 4G laptop offers unmatched functionality and versatility compared to the Chromebooks available under Rs. 15000. Our laptops don’t compromise on performance and features in the name of cost-saving. There are two variants of this laptop, Primebook 4G and Primebook S 4G. Here, the difference lies in the internal storage capacity of 64GB and 128GB, respectively. Both variants offer an expandable storage capacity of up to 512GB that you can avail of using an external microSD card. Thus, you must choose the one that suits your specific storage needs! 

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