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Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Best Music Streaming App for Android in 2024

Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Best Music Streaming App for Android in 2024

Ananya Dasgupta

16 Feb 2024

Best Music Streaming App for Android in 2024

Best Music Streaming App for Android in 2024



While music is what adds vibrancy, tranquility, and harmony to our lives, finding the right or the best music streaming app stands salient for us! In 2024, you can get multiple music streaming apps to avail of for your melodious journey, but not all apps can serve great for all purposes. For this reason, we have listed the best music streaming apps for Android users, particularly in this blog. So, stay tuned and see which one will exactly suit you!

YouTube Music

No doubt, one of today’s best music streaming apps for Android is YouTube Music. Following its predecessor, Google Play Music, this music streaming app allows you to create and download your own music playlists and files for listening to them offline. YouTube Music has a robust recommendation engine, seamlessly adapting to suggest songs and video content based on your past plays. 

In fact, its search engine enables you to locate and play songs despite being unaware of the titles. You can read the lyrics while playing the songs, and all such features are available for free. But to go ad-free and continue playing songs without screen activation, you must buy a subscription!  


Spotify is another best and most renowned music streaming app for Android. You can follow your favorite artists and sync music from your laptop or PC. If you want this music streaming app to recommend songs, podcasts, or video content based on your interests, you have the opportunity to create a radio station for that!  This feature can help locate new music launches and top lists and albums. 

Spotify’s intuitive algorithm and easy-to-use interface help you add music to the library to play later when offline. While all these features come for free, the Premium subscription of this music streaming app can take you to the commercials-free zone with unlimited skips, a larger media library for song downloads, and much more.

Amazon Music

Included in the Amazon Prime subscription, Amazon Music is undoubtedly one of the best music streaming apps for any Android device, like our Primebook laptops. This app features about two million songs and over a thousand playlists organized by the music experts at Amazon. You can personalize your playlist in this music streaming app and download songs to listen in an offline mode.   

Amazon Music is typically of two versions. The first is Amazon Music Prime, which requires no additional charge if you are a Prime member. The second is Amazon Music Unlimited, which you can upgrade to access over 100 million songs without any ad breaks and recommendations following your listening habits. Both annual and monthly subscriptions are available herein.  


SoundCloud is today’s other popular and best music streaming app for Android users. This app is an appropriate option if and when you wish to find songs of up-and-coming artists and listen to homemade tracks. Experts say that this music streaming app is the most useful for “indie” music creators. On the SoundCloud app, you can also record and upload audio to share with other users. 

You can customize your playlist, share it with others, and save the audio to access and listen later. Unlike many free music streaming apps, there’s also a feature to fast-forward through songs. You can also avail of the subscription variant to eliminate previews and ads when listening to high-quality music audio.  


If you are looking for a music streaming app to fetch the best possible radio station and curated playlist features, iHeartRadio should be your go-to option. Yes. You can search and create music stations much better than any other music streaming app. You can select from categories like oldies, rock, classical, 80s, 90s, and so forth. You can even get completely ad-free radio stations. 

iHeartRadio allows you to save and preset your favorite music station and set an alarm with regular schedule and snooze features. You can set a sleep timer in case you want to turn off a radio station after a certain period. Besides, this music streaming app showcases lyrics and artist biographies. Furthermore, its Plus and All versions bring more additional features alongside all of these that you can avail for free.   

In a nutshell, the above-mentioned best music streaming apps for Android are easily accessible to any user and constantly keep adding features to both their free and paid application variants. Thus, you may find something new and unique while surfing through these apps that aren’t mentioned here, and that would be the icing on the cake, no doubt! 

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