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Blogs / All About Primebook / Primebook - A Budget Laptop for College Students in 2024

Blogs / All About Primebook / Primebook - A Budget Laptop for College Students in 2024

Primebook Team

22 Dec 2023

Budget Laptop for College Students in 2024

Primebook - A Budget Laptop for College Students in 2024


Most laptops available in the market today are pretty expensive. While a few laptops exist within the range of Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000, as per the industry standard, the average price remains at Rs. 35,000, and so on! There are even more costly laptops and with every additional unique feature, the pricing tends to go up. 

However, a laptop isn’t a luxury for college students today. It’s a necessity to pursue online education and make one’s career. The new-in-town Primebook laptops, packed with various features designed for learning, acknowledge it! 

Therefore, it come within the range of Rs.15,000 to Rs.18,000, so college students can easily afford them! Now, you must be pondering – how exactly Primebook serves as a budget laptop for your college pursuits! Hold your seat. This blog shall uncover it all!    

Better Ergonomics, Trouble-Free Learning

Your digital learning experience often gets interrupted in the case of mobiles and tablets because of various ergonomic issues. Your typing efficiency deteriorates while tapping through the touchscreen, leading you to miss assignment deadlines. When reading for hours, your eyes start to pain, and you quickly lose focus. Moreover, you constantly have to hold the device when studying, and even if you intend to place it on a table or otherwise, you would require a back stand. On top of that, you cannot split the screen and multi-task effectively.

To topple all these issues, and that too, within your budget, Primebook comes up as a boon for college students. Primebook laptop serves coherent ergonomics, with a multi-tasking interface, better views of angles and colors, and a complete keyboard set. Thus, you can carry out your academic pursuits of college life with ease!               

Longer Battery Life, Greater Productivity

Another major setback for college students in pursuing digital learning is certainly to yield productivity for hours. This is because extensive college tasks, from academic research and writing to attending online seminars and conferences, require your device’s battery to support for a long time. Also, a fast-charging opportunity stands essential in this regard.

By availing of the budget-friendly laptop meant for college students, Primebook, you get to charge your battery from zero to fifty (0-50%) percent in only 30-45 minutes! So you can resume your work much quicker than before. Primebook laptops come with a power-efficient processor, namely, MediaTek MT8183. With such a feature, Primebook tends to offer a long-lasting battery life of up to eight hours straight!     

Availability of All Android Apps for Academics

Android apps for learning are certainly essential to conveniently upgrade your skills and knowledge from any geographical location. Do you want to use Android apps to take online courses and certifications, like from upGrad? Or, do you seek to make study plans, like through My Study Life, and nurture your creativity, like via ArtFlow? Remember your Windows laptops may not give you their access. While Android apps are computed for Android Runtime, they are incompatible with the Windows OS. Besides, the Windows configuration allows limited access to system resources for security concerns. Therefore, the Android apps requiring greater access fail to perform on Windows laptops. 

The Primebook laptops, on the other note, work on an Android-based operating system, PrimeOS, that allows access to the Android app ecosystem. So, all educational apps based on the same are available on this budget-friendly laptop. You can use them for your college studies anytime.   

Opportunity to Take Exciting Study Breaks

Rigorous study sessions all night long, especially before and during the college semesters, are inevitably stressful. You have the burden to complete your extensive syllabus and then revise your lessons to stay completely prepared. At that time, your brain demands a few breaks to cope with the stress and return to your studies with a fresh mind. Many college students desire to play games during this span, especially the easy-to-use Android games.  But not all laptops enable a proper Android gaming experience!  

Primebook does! This laptop, coming within any college student’s budget, does offer an enhanced gaming experience with its greater screen size, better resolution, and embedded personalized keymapping feature for better navigation. Hence, your study breaks are likely to turn more exciting, just as you want! 

Internet Connectivity Via Both 4G SIM and Wifi

For digital learning, you, of course, need to stay connected to the web, be it through cellular data or fixed broadband connection. When one such connectivity goes off, you need another to pursue your studies. Furthermore, in many locations across India, specifically in the rural landscape and small towns, wifi connections are yet to penetrate. Thus, college students in those places can connect on 4G SIM connectivity to take forward their online education. 

To bridge this digital divide and let all college students embrace online learning, Primebook brings 4G SIM connectivity on the laptop alongside Wi-Fi. You can even switch between the two types of internet connections whenever you need to and keep up-skilling yourself.     

So, the bottom line is that – A Primebook laptop eradicates affordability barriers to a student’s learning. It’s the budget-friendly smart tech that functions as a passport to every college student’s academic empowerment, irrespective of their geographical location and socioeconomic background.  

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