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Blogs / All About Primebook / Bulk Laptops for Schools: Fostering A Productive Learning Space

Blogs / All About Primebook / Bulk Laptops for Schools: Fostering A Productive Learning Space

Primebook Team

11 Jan 2024

Bulk Laptops for Schools: Fostering A Productive Learning Space

Bulk Laptops for Schools: Fostering A Productive Learning Space


The New Education Policy (NEP) of India 2020 has highlighted technology integration in education to strengthen access and flexibility, remove language barriers, and create a holistic learning environment. So, If you’re looking forward to instilling such a smart and productive learning space in your school, typically in the science or ICT laboratories, embracing bulk laptops is the best option! Why? Well, this blog on bulk laptops for schools shall tell you why!   

How Can Purchasing Bulk Laptops Help Your School? 

No doubt, purchasing laptops for your school in bulk can benefit you in numerous ways, and here they go!

With our laptops, you can ensure equal access to technology among your school students. Such an aspect keeps all your students on the same page in terms of digital learning opportunities.

Availing of our laptops in bulk can also help your school enhance the study curriculum following the NEP 2020 and include diverse computing subjects and learning styles to manifest a ‘learner-centric’ education system.   

Similarly, getting our laptops in bulk can streamline and ease the educational management and administration process, including the students’ evaluation and the teacher’s professional development processes.

Furthermore, when getting laptops for your school, you can empower students to participate in online competitions, like the International Science Olympiad, National Social Science Olympiad, English International Olympiad, etc. It can ensure a greater and better representation of your school in such renowned events. 

Why Choose Primebook for Bulk Purchase? 

1. Our Bulk Laptops Come At Affordable Rates

While most efficient and high-end laptops meant for learning purposes are expensive, our laptops for schools take the stage at affordable rates. To be precise, our bulk laptops are available even under Rs. 15,000! When you buy our laptop in bulk, there are also different discount offers depending on the order size.   

2. Our Laptops Give Access to Educational Android Apps

By ordering our bulk laptops for your school, you can enable your students to seamlessly access a wide variety of educational Android apps on a laptop interface. Whether you seek to teach coding to your students by using an online app or allow them to collaborate over a play-and-learn maths session, it’s all possible on our laptops! 

3. Our Laptops Hold Exceptional Multi-tasking Usability

With a power-efficient processor, Primebook laptops offer uninterrupted multi-tasking capabilities. So, your school teachers can present their video lectures on projector screens via our laptops and simultaneously open other apps to refine their presentations. They can easily connect our laptops to the projector via the HDMI port. Using the full-size keyboard and touchpad, they can efficiently navigate slides, zoom in on details, and type vital points in between the presentations.   

4. Our Laptops Reserves A Mobile Device Management Feature

One of the most striking advantages you can get as an educator when purchasing our laptops in bulk is undoubtedly the monitoring and control over the apps your students use. This feature is called mobile device management (MDM). It allows you and your fellow school teachers to lock irrelevant apps from the students' laptops and derive app usage reports in a few clicks from your connected mobile devices. 

5. Our Bulk Laptops Have Certain Customization Provisions

Last but not least, when purchasing our laptops in bulk, you can fetch some customization options. You can replace the Primebook logo on the bulk laptops with your school logo and so for the PrimeOS logo on the home and/or boot screen! A customization facility is available for the MDM dashboard, too!    

Thus, the bottom line is that – resorting to bulk laptop purchases can shower your education business with ample boons, but only if you choose the right brand for it! By choosing Primebook, you can fetch one year of free pick-up and drop service across pan India and favorable warranty policies that may even include an extended warranty depending on your order. 

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