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Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Discover The Top IoT Applications in 2024

Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Discover The Top IoT Applications in 2024

Ananya Dasgupta

20 Jun 2024

Discover The Top IoT Applications in 2024

Discover The Top IoT Applications in 2024


Who said only humans work together as a team and gain knowledge from each other? Machines too can interact with each other and share data for meaningful insights. That’s what IoT (Internet of Things) is about! In recent times, applications of IoT have been diverse and with time, it’s increasing rapidly. This blog shall cover some of such top IoT applications in the year 2024.  

1. Smart Homes, Smart Cities, and Smart Grid

One of the top IoT applications in 2024 revolves around smart homes, smart cities, and smart grids. With practicality and efficiency, IoT technologies are revolutionizing how people live.  Smart thermostats have come up to identify user preferences, and so have adaptive lighting systems that respond to environmental changes and smart locks that offer remote control access.

IoT is also being leveraged for optimizing streetlights and traffic monitoring systems, smart surveillance for public safety, detecting energy consumption patterns, predicting waste quantities in a particular location, and more. A prominent example herein is Barcelona’s smart city initiative which encompasses IoT-enabled waste bins meant to signal when full, thereby optimizing waste collection routes.      

2. Connected Cars 

Another of the top IoT applications in 2024 is the robustly connected cars. Yes. The automotive industry is increasingly adopting IoT technologies to enhance transportation safety and connectivity and further manage traffic efficiently via vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication. Connected cars have multiple advanced features that make driving safe and enjoyable.

Autonomous driving capabilities, real-time maintenance alerts for drivers, and advanced in-car entertainment are the three significant features of this IoT application. Besides, mobile phones are being used as sensors to collect data from our vehicles using effective applications such as Waze or Google Maps. This gives commuters vivid information about the traffic conditions on different routes, the estimated arrival times, and possible alternatives.

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3. Wearables & Smart Retail

Wearables and smart retail are not just one of the top IoT applications in 2024, they are considered the hallmark of IoT applications. Smartwatches and wristbands are the most prominent examples of wearable IoT applications. They act as energy-efficient, data-collecting devices with sensors, typically for monitoring blood pressure and echocardiogram readings for proactive medical intervention.

Such IoT applications even include GPS-tracking belts, virtual glasses, earbuds, clip-on devices, and smart fabrics. In terms of smart retail, Amazon Go Stores that utilize IoT-enabled checkout systems are a significant example. Herein, by using Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) technology, the items are tracked and the billing is automated. In the field of smart retail, IoT applications also entail mall traffic analysis, personalized promotion for loyal customers, and warehouse automation and robotics. 

4. Hospitality 

In 2024, applications of IoT are extensively seen in the hospitality industry, too! In order to improve service quality and ease out the process of inventory management, multiple hotel businesses across the globe have started integrating and using IoT applications. While some are using IoT-enabled automated scheduling and occupancy tracking systems for conference rooms, others are using IoT-based cameras to enhance surveillance and access control.

Some hospitality businesses are also incorporating electronic keys which are sent directly to the guests’ mobile devices. Such an IoT application empowers hotels to fetch immediate information on the availability of rooms, assign housekeeping tasks quickly while the operations of doors remain disabled, and enhance the check-out processes.  

5. Farming & Agriculture

Another of the top IoT applications in 2024 is centred around farming and agriculture to empower farmers with data-driven decision-making for improved agricultural productivity. Drones equipped with IoT sensors are being used to monitor large fields and analyze soil conditions in conjunction with weather data. This, in turn, is enabling farmers to optimize crop yields through precise irrigation planning, planting, and disease prevention.

Even for indoor planting, IoT applications are being used to regularly monitor different variables, like humidity, air temperature, illumination, and soil moisture, subsequently driving automation. In other words, IoT applications make the management of micro-climatic conditions a reality today. An IoT-enabled indoor farm can also contribute to feasible research opportunities in a real-world setting. 

In a nutshell, IoT applications hold endless possibilities, from connecting all your home applications like AC, lighting, theft alarm systems, and others into a single system with control at your fingertips to connecting the various government and civic services. Perhaps, a smart world is waiting for us with IoT applications being the main driver! 

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