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Blogs / All About Primebook / Pick up and drop service for Primebook in Bangalore

Blogs / All About Primebook / Pick up and drop service for Primebook in Bangalore


07 Dec 2023

pick up and drop service for primebook in bangalore

Pick up and drop service for Primebook in Bangalore

The Primebook can be your ultimate partner when it comes to your digital companion. Furnished with all the latest and greatest the industry has to offer, the Primebook has become one of the best-selling devices for students and professionals alike. 

But with so many units being pumped out to customers in Bangalore, chances are some devices are going to get faulty. From basic OS bugs to device-breaking problems, no matter what the issue is, the comprehensive warranty offered by Primebook in Bangalore is going to cover all costs if the device is under warranty. 

So, how do you skip the queue and get your device straight into the hands of certified technicians at the service center? Well, Primebooks’s pick-and-drop service in Bangalore is going to take all the hassle out of the process and ensure you are getting your device back in no time.

Here is everything you will need to know about the pickup and drop service of the Primebook in Bangalore and how to avail of it using actionable steps.

Availing of the pickup and drop service in Bangalore with WhatsApp

If your Primebook is malfunctioning, you can easily order a pickup for your faulty device using the official WhatsApp business account of Primebook. Here is how to avail of it using WhatsApp.

  • Head on to the official website of the Primebook and head on to the “Contact Us” section at the top of the webpage. Find the Whatsapp number of the customer service representative on the page. The Whatsapp number is +91 9667413981. Now you can drop a text on this number to avail of the help service from the brand.
  • Put in all the relevant details, like device information, date of purchase, issues faced, and more, to register your pickup service. The customer support team will then ask for a convenient time to get your device picked up right from the comfort of your home.
  • A Primebook-authorised logistics partner will be at your doorstep at the scheduled time for hassle-free pickup.

Availing of the pickup and drop service in Bangalore with a call

If you are not comfortable using WhatsApp chat to book the service, maybe an in-person call with the customer support team is going to be much more to your liking. In this case, head on down to the official website of Primebook and navigate to the Contact Us section.

You can use +91 9667413981 to call the customer service team as well to get personalized options to get your device fixed.
Now explain the issues with your device, get a pickup time booked with the service team and hand over the faulty device to the authorized logistic partner.

Quick fixes and drop service

Now that your Primebook has been picked up and sent to the authorized service center, you will need to wait a couple of days to get your hands on the fixed device. 

  • Once the device reaches the service center, the technicians on site are going to diagnose the problem and work on the troubleshooting steps. If the cause is faulty hardware, the technicians are going to replace it with a genuine part to check if the problem is resolved.
  • In cases where the technicians are not able to fix the device, users will be offered a brand-new replacement device.
  • Once the device is fixed and returned to its former glory, customers will be informed about the fixes and will be asked for a preferred drop-off time. Pick a time that is most suitable for you and finalize.
  • On the scheduled date, expect the logistic partner to be at your doorstep with a new device. Make sure to check all the functionalities of the device to see if the issue has been resolved.
  • If you like the service, remember to leave a positive review on the website.

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How to fix minor issues with the Primebook?

Not all issues are going to be deal-breakers, and minor bugs and fixes can be done over the phone with just a few clicks. Drop a text or call customer service to explain the issue. If the problem is minor and can be fixed remotely, the technicians on call are going to guide you through all the steps to ensure that your device is fixed without having to make a trip to the service center.


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