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Blogs / Customer Reviews / Primebook 4G Review by Times Now

Blogs / Customer Reviews / Primebook 4G Review by Times Now

Primebook Team

05 Jan 2024

Primebook 4G Review by Times Now

Primebook 4G Review by Times Now


One of India’s top English news channels, Times Now, headed and run by The Times Now Group, has given its Primebook review exclusively on the 4G variant in December 2023. No wonder reviews work as growth boosters for any business, as those leave ample room to recognize where to shine and where to polish. That’s why we, too, are thrilled by what the Times Now channel has written about our product. Would you like to get a brief glimpse of their Primebook reviews? If so, reading this blog can sufficiently assist! 

“Mashup of Laptop and Smartphone,” They Say!  

In Time Now’s article about the Primebook 4G laptop, they say that our device is well suited to all budget buyers. The ones who need to do their day-to-day tasks without spending excess money on costly laptops! They have also referred to our 4G laptop as an “affordable option for students” since it comes at Rs. 14,990 only. 

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Compared to other affordable laptops where every nuance of basic tasks doesn’t get enough priority, Times Now regards our laptop as a “fresh option” with its usability on point. They said that we have refused to follow the trend of compromising features in the name of cost-saving, and we are glad that such an aspect of our business endeavor gets the recognition it deserves. 

Yes. As Times Now has noted in their Primebook reviews, our laptop does offer an Android-like experience on an intuitive desktop-like interface. Besides, they have highlighted the 4G SIM connectivity option our laptop entails!     

Times Now’s Verdict on Primebook 4G’s Display and Design

The author who penned down the Primebook reviews, Divya, has appreciated the lightweight design and “professional look” of our Primebook 4G laptop coming from the “all-plastic” casing. She said that this laptop has a “decent build quality,” especially considering the price. 

After getting its real feel and experience for a few months, she stated that the display is bright enough and provides accurate views of color within an indoor setting. However, she also quoted that the Primebook’s screen borders look “dated,” so we shall certainly keep that in mind and try improvising the thick bezels to ensure a modern look.     

Times Now’s Verdict on Primebook 4G’s Performance

In Times Now’s Primebook review, its seamless performance finds a relevant place. The author mentions the power-efficient MediaTek processor and 4GB RAM that enable all Primebook users to perform their daily tasks on the laptop without any interruption or loading time. 

Moreover, she speaks about the “simplicity” of the user interface that anyone can adapt to at any time. The author also talks about the “versatility” of the Primebook 4G laptop in the review. It concerns all the “essential ports” our laptop has, from USB and micro HDMI to SD card slot and audio jack!    

However, the author was more excited about the “access to the Android store,” as such an aspect allows Primebook users to download and use apps beyond the “standard” ones available on other laptops. The access to the internet “on the go” because of the 4G SIM connectivity was also exciting for the author, it seems, following her Primebook review!     

Times Now’s Verdict on Primebook’s Battery and Charging Facility

According to the Primebook review by the Times Now author,  the “battery life” is one of the apexes of our device. The review highlights that our laptop serves efficiently for “mixed usage,” having its full charge intact for about “six hours.”  The author notes that with the Android-based PrimeOS, the laptop’s battery life extends even beyond eight hours. 

Herein, the Primebook review also mentions the fast charging facility our device offers. As per the author’s experience, even though expecting a cent percent charge too quickly is more of being “optimistic”, our laptop certainly gets “75-80” percent charged within one hour. 

Now, to sum up, I would like to add that – Times Now’s authentic and expert Primebook review has also given us some points for improvement, and we are grateful for that! With time, we shall try to take those aspects to their peak form as well! That’s our kind of homage to our amazing reviewers!

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