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Blogs / Customer Reviews / Primebook 4G Reviews on Flipkart: The Customers Speak It All!

Blogs / Customer Reviews / Primebook 4G Reviews on Flipkart: The Customers Speak It All!

Primebook Team

29 Feb 2024

Primebook 4G Reviews on Flipkart

Primebook 4G Reviews on Flipkart: The Customers Speak It All!

It’s exciting to share that we, Primebook, have received over 813 reviews for our Primebook 4G laptop on the Flipkart marketplace, India’s leading e-commerce platform today! The count is only going up, and it’s what intrigues us to compile all that our customers have spoken for us in one place. This blog shall cover all such Primebook 4G reviews given by our happy customers on Flipkart and what exactly they liked about our product.

Primebook 4G Reviews by Certified Buyers on Flipkart 

Many certified buyers on the Flipkart marketplace have left impressive reviews about our Primebook 4G laptops. While Rajana Shivaji from Visakhapatnam said that our Primebook 4G is “worth every penny,” Sukant Samal from Raigarh District said it’s “simply awesome”.

Another customer from Meerut, Vishal Kasana, quoted our laptop as “Terrific” with a positive connotation. He said that Primebook 4G is an “awesome laptop with great specifications. No lag, no hang…” In the review, Vishal also appreciated PrimeOS, the Android-based operating system on which Primebook 4G runs. He said that it’s “easy to use.” 

Another buyer from Bengaluru, Prakash N, praised the Primebook 4G laptop in his review by saying, “The laptop is of great quality.” He also mentions that the “specifications are perfect for students,” as he bought it for his little one. Likewise, customers like Subroto Roy from Dakshin Dinajpur District, West Bengal, and Ayush Kumar Palai from Chattrapur reviewed our Primebook 4G as “super”. 

Rahul Saw from Mumbai mentioned that “multitasking is super easy” with Primebook 4G and praised the laptop's performance within such a price. Siddhartha Sanyal from Kalna District, West Bengal, reviewed our Primebook 4G as a “very handy product.” Similarly, Tauseef Ahmed from New Delhi talked about the battery backup and said it’s “too good”.

The Mostly Given Primebook 4G Review on Flipkart – “Highly Recommended” and “Must Buy”

Most of our customers on Flipkart have given the Primebook 4G review as “highly recommended” and “must buy”. Some of them, like Virender Singh Negi from Gurugram, Haryana, Balshankar  Padayachi from Thane, Maharashtra, Sachin Dhongade from Nashik, and Santosh Jagannath Dwibedi from Rourkela, Jharkhand have used the term “highly recommended”. On the other hand, customers like Mohd. Sirajuddin from Gulbarga, Anandhababu Shanmugaval from Ramanathapuram District, Samyak Jain from Jaipur, and Suman Mishra from Supaul quoted that Primebook 4G is a “must buy”. 

While Suman said, “This product is very good for study purposes,” Anandhababu said it’s “user-friendly”.  Mohd. Sirajuddin mentioned Primebook 4G as the “best alternative for tablets” and “for beginners”. Another customer who gave the “must buy” review for Primebook 4G, Satyabrata Samantaray from Puri District, Orissa, also said that it is best for “child learning” and for online “trade” purposes.   

In a nutshell, our customers have given reviews about whatever they liked the best about our Primebook 4G laptops. Of course, depending on their specific reasons to purchase Primebook 4G, they rated our product with no less than 4 out of 5. But we are really thankful to all of them for being the social proof that Primebook 4G is working as it’s expected! For all of you out there, our customers, we shall strive to bring more innovation and improvisation to our product in the year ahead. 

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