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Blogs / Customer Reviews / Primebook Review by CNBC TV18

Blogs / Customer Reviews / Primebook Review by CNBC TV18

Primebook Team

06 Jun 2024

Primebook Review by CNBC TV18

Primebook Review by CNBC TV18


One of India’s top business news channels, ventured jointly by TV18 and NBCUniversal, CNBC TV18, gave their review on Primebook laptops on May 15, 2024. Vijay Anand authored the review article, positioning our laptop brand as a “budget-friendly” option for “students and casual users”. This blog entails a brief overview of such a noteworthy Primebook review.

Review of The Meritful Primebook Features

According to the review made by Vijay Anand, “affordability” is the “most significant selling point” for Primebook laptops, as such a factor makes technology “accessible to a wider audience”. The review also reserves appreciation for the “lightweight and slim design” not only because of the appeal. But it’s also because this feature makes the laptop “highly portable for students and those on the go”.

In the laptop review, Anand didn’t fail to mention one of the most unique features that Primebook offers at an affordable price point, and that’s 4G SIM connectivity, empowering users “to stay connected without Wi-Fi access”. Anand even praises our first-ever made-in-India Android-based operating system powering Primebook, namely, PrimeOS.  The author states that – with PrimeOS, our laptops offer “a familiar interface and access to a vast library of apps”.    

Review on Who Must Buy Our Primebook Laptop

The Primebook review by CNBC TV18 specifically mentions who should buy our laptops to meet their various computing needs. First, the author urges students to avail of our laptops to pursue their day-to-day learning activities. Indeed, from “note-taking, research, and assignments” to online classes, accessing e-learning apps, and watching educational videos, it’s all possible on Primebook laptops. 

Anand has also suggested Primebook to all budget-conscious users who are “looking for an entry-level laptop without overspending. Besides, he puts forward that the Primebook laptop is a “perfect fit” for those looking forward to browsing, writing emails, or performing other  “productivity tasks”.

Final Verdict of CNBC TV18 about Primebook

The final remark in the product review upholds Primebook as an “excellent value for money”, a “practical choice for students, casual users” and “anyone” requiring a laptop for “everyday tasks”. Moreover, it’s exciting for us to find that the review even highlighted our pathway to filling the “gap” in the Indian laptop “market” with a cost-effective and portable solution. 

To conclude, we at Primebook India are grateful to CNBC TV18 and the author for such a notable review of our product. The review encourages us to keep working harder and smarter. It motivates it to keep delivering the right form of technology to the wider Indian consumers and bridge the divide of digital literacy at its best.   

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