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Blogs / Customer Reviews / Primebook Reviews: Given by Popular Tech YouTubers!

Blogs / Customer Reviews / Primebook Reviews: Given by Popular Tech YouTubers!

Primebook Team

29 Dec 2023

Primebook Reviews: Given by Today’s Popular Tech YouTubers!

Primebook Reviews: Given by Popular Tech YouTubers!

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, online purchases got a massive boom! However, while offline shopping had the advantage of hands-on experience with the products before buying them, online shopping didn’t have such a room. People started looking for social proof of pedigree before buying a product. People started analyzing and inferring whether the money you invest online is worthwhile! Therefore, we intend to compile various reviews on our product, Primebook, in one place so you don’t have to surf through the web to find them rigorously! Here is a brief synopsis of the Primebook Reviews given by the Tech YouTubers in India from their official channels. So, stay back and see what they have said!         

Primebook Review by Adi 

One of the famous Tech YouTubers with the channel name ‘Adi 4 U’ says that Primebook 4G is the ‘Best Laptop for Gaming or Editing’ that comes under Rs.15,000. He gave his Primebook review after using the laptop for ten days and said that our pricing is way better than Chromebook or JioBook. He mentions the merits of our laptops for office and study pursuits and also praises our first-ever made-in-India operating system on which Primebook laptops work, namely, PrimeOS.



However, his review mainly focused on the gaming factor, and he acknowledged the keymapping feature embedded in our laptop as a major benefit that you may not get elsewhere, even on many high-end laptops. To hear his full review on our “Chota, Mota, Ekdom Taagda Laptop,” go to Primebook 4G Review by Adi 4 U. 

Primebook Review by Techoob Shorts

Another renowned Tech YouTuber in the name of ‘Techoob Shorts’, having 555,000 subscribers to date, has applauded our Primebook for the display and said that watching content on this laptop is pretty enjoyable. In his Primebook review, he compared Primebook with JioBook, as both come under the same price bracket and with the same screen size. But, herein, he regards Primebook as a better option, especially because our laptop, based on PrimeOS, offers access to a whole range of Android apps.

He says that our competitor, JioBook, operating on JioOS, gives limited access to the Android app ecosystem.  He even appreciates our Keyboard over that of JioBook. Besides, he highlights one striking feature we offer but not JioBook. It is none other than the memory card slot! 

To watch his review, navigate to JioBook Vs Primebook by Techoob Shorts.

Primebook Review by Abhishek Mulik

Abhishek Mulik, known for his YouTube Channel ‘TechTravellerBlend’, has left a review of the Primebook Wifi laptop. He said that our Wifi variant is ‘the best for students’ and calls Primebook – “Your Affordable Powerhouse for Education!” He praises our ‘unbeatable pricing’ of the laptop, the multitasking ability one gets ‘for peak performance’, the ‘battery backup’, the ‘productivity tools’, and the ‘immersive interface.’ According to him, the best things about our laptop are the MediaTek processor that it constitutes and the 4G RAM.



Moreover, in his Primebook Review, Abhishek also talks about the outer looks and texture of the laptop. He says that it gives a ‘Premium’ feel!

Primebook Review by Ansh Nakwal 

YouTuber Ansh Nakwal, who has a subscriber base of over 400000 people, has reviewed and spoken about Primebook Wifi in his videos. He made two videos on our tech products, one during our initial launch and again after our updates a few months back. He says it’s fun to use our Primebook Wifi, considering the affordable price at which it is available in today’s market.



He admires the laptop’s look in his video, stating that it’s “well-built and compact”, and highlights the portability feature, too. He said that our laptop is lightweight and sturdy, and students can use it anywhere in the metro or bus! Have a glimpse of his entire review.

Now, to conclude, I must say that – there are many more Primebook reviews on YouTube given by various Tech Experts, and we are obliged to all of them! We are glad that people are showing love for our product, which empowers us to work hard and bring more and more innovations in the years to come! For more interesting reviews on our laptop, stay tuned to our website! 


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