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Blogs / All About Primebook / Primebook Tech Buddy: Your Special Assistant!

Blogs / All About Primebook / Primebook Tech Buddy: Your Special Assistant!

Primebook Team

23 Jan 2024

Primebook Tech Buddy: Your Special Assistant!

Primebook Tech Buddy: Your Special Assistant!


Have you heard about the new concept of Primebook Tech Buddy from word-of-mouth these days but don’t know what exactly it is? Well, you have landed on the right page, as it is where you shall get all your answers! So, sit back and read this blog to know what the Primebook Tech Buddy is and how this special assistant helps when you buy our laptop! 

What is Primebook Tech Buddy? 

Primebook Tech Buddy is the one-of-a-kind customer success system adopted by Primebook to help you seamlessly walk through the entire process of setting up and using our laptops on the initial days. This is no AI chatbot who interacts and engages with you, but real humans, or, to be precise, our customer success team! In deviating from the standard industry practices, Primebook Tech Buddy aims to offer comprehensive assistance to customers. So, you don’t have to go through the hassles of technicalities after purchasing our laptops and can enjoy an intuitive experience.      

How Does The Primebook Tech Buddy Assist You? 

We are explaining the step-by-step process to understand how the Primebook Tech Buddy assists you, here it goes! 

Step 1: The First Assistance Call from Our Tech Buddy

After you purchase a Primebook laptop, our customer success team shall make the first assistance call on your given mobile number and ask whether you have any issues setting up or using it! 

Step 2: Resolving Issues over a Call If and When Required

In case you have an issue, our tech buddy shall note it down and pass the message to our issue-resolving team. This team shall further give you a call to guide you step by step and fix the problem. 

If your experience is all positive, our team shall again give you a call after 7-10 days to enquire about your latest experience. Now, if there’s any problem that requires a fix, our issue-resolving team shall appear into action. 

Once your issue stands resolved, you shall get another call after seven to ten days from the Primebook Tech Buddy. This is again to get updates on your current experience of using Primebook. 

Step 3: The Primebook Technical Team Comes Into Action

Further, if the issue, whether software-related or hardware-related, can’t be resolved by our tech buddy, they shall initiate a call between you and Primebook’s technical team. In this particular step, our expert in-house technicians shall guide you to make the fixes. Make sure you follow each of their instructions carefully! 

When our tech team successfully revives your Primebook performance, you get a call from our tech buddy again after an interval of seven to ten days. If you face any problems meanwhile, you can even leave a text or straightaway call our customer support team.  

Step 4: Pick-up of Your Primebook Laptop and Its Shipment to Your Doorstep

If and when our technical team too cannot fix the problem in your Primebook, our tech buddy arranges for a free device pick-up from your given address. They shall automatically initiate the process, and you do not have to schedule it by yourself. 

The pick-up shall take place within zero to three business days from the time of its initiation, depending on your exact location. Thereafter, our in-house technical team shall inspect the device first-hand and subsequently make necessary repairs or rectifications. Typically, you can get your repaired laptop shipped to your doorstep after three to five working days, depending on where you’re located. 

Now, to sum up, I must say that –  for the first month, our tech buddy shall keep calling you at an interval of 7-10 days for any kind of assistance you need while using our Primebook laptop. Of course, we do not intend to bother you amidst your tight work schedule. It shall always be a quick call to check on your experience because that’s what matters to us the most!

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