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Blogs / Customer Reviews / Primebook Wi-Fi Review by PCQuest: Worth Recalling!

Blogs / Customer Reviews / Primebook Wi-Fi Review by PCQuest: Worth Recalling!

Primebook Team

15 May 2024

Primebook Wi-FI Review by PCQuest

Primebook Wi-Fi Review by PCQuest: Worth Recalling!


One of the top Indian Technology Publications, PCQuest, a part of the CyberMedia Group Publication, gave their review on our Primebook Wi-Fi laptop on 16th April 2024. They have remarked our Primebook Wi-Fi laptop as “an intriguing addition to the budget laptop market,” and have spoken about the build quality, features, display and audio, camera and keyboard, operating system, and performance. Ashok Pandey has authored this review article and notably laid out how Primebook Wi-Fi emerges as an “affordable and efficient tool for modern students and casual users alike.” To get a brief glimpse of the review, read this blog.    

Review of Primebook Wi-Fi’s Features

In the review, Ashok mentioned the “lightweight” design of Primebook Wi-Fi and stated that the matte-finish, sturdy plastic body offers a “soft-touch sensation” and “lends a premium feel.” He has appreciated the availability of all requisite ports, stating it as “versatile” and mentioned the enhanced “usability in diverse situations” one can get from this feature. 

The review further highlights Primebook Wi-Fi’s merits of longer battery life, Type C fast charging, clean user interface, and so forth! Ashok says that the laptop’s 11.6-inch HD IPS display “maintains sufficient brightness for comfortable readability across different lighting conditions.” He affirms – the clear audio that the dual microphones offer makes Primebook Wi-Fi “a reliable choice for virtual meetings and classes.”   

Concerning the full-size QWERTY keyboard and touchpad, the review underscores the “generously sized keys” and “ample spacing” that helps in “comfortable and accurate typing.” The author also acknowledges the “spacious” and “responsive” touchpad and asserts that its support of multi-finger gestures is significant in providing “smooth navigation”.  

Review of Primebook Wi-Fi’s Performance

With the MediaTek MT8183 processor and 4 GB RAM, the Primebook Wi-Fi “performs adequately for everyday tasks such as working on Google Docs, streaming videos, and web browsing” – says the author in his laptop review! He puts forward the 6 hours of battery performance as one of the “strong suits” of Primebook Wi-Fi and regards the Type C fast charging facility as a prominent perk that “adds flexibility and convenience to the device”. 

The review applauds the first-ever made-in-India Android-based operating system that powers the Primebook Wi-Fi laptop, namely PrimeOS. It points out the “unique user experience” this OS offers and also the accessibility to the “popular productivity and streaming apps” on our laptops. Besides, the author didn’t forget to underline the “efficient workflow” that the Primebook Wi-Fi prompts because of being “free of bloatware”.  

PCQuest’s Final Verdict on Primebook Wi-Fi

In the final verdict, this review verifies that there’s a combination of “thoughtful design, efficient features, and reliable performance” on Primebook Wi-FI, and refers to it as a “comprehensive solution for learning and productivity”. Above all, the benefit of “affordable pricing” certainly found a place in the review by PCQuest. 

To sum up, we, Primebook India, are really thankful to the PCQuest publication and the author for leaving such a noteworthy review of our Primebook Wi-Fi laptop. This review stands as a testament to our efforts in delivering the right form of technology to the students and learners in India. It empowers us with the energy booster we need to constantly improve and improvise in our business endeavours.    

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