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Blogs / Customer Reviews / Primebook Wifi Laptop Review By TECHGIG: A Brief!

Blogs / Customer Reviews / Primebook Wifi Laptop Review By TECHGIG: A Brief!

Primebook Team

22 Jan 2024

Primebook Wifi Laptop Review By TECHGIG: A Brief!

Primebook Wifi Laptop Review By TECHGIG: A Brief!


One of India's most popular and largest tech communities, owned and managed by the Times Internet, TechGig, gave their enthusiastic review on our Primebook Wifi laptop last December. Their article where Primebook Wifi finds a relevant mention amongst the other latest tech products, like Boat’s Smart Ring and RangerXR’s Smartwatch, was written by Gaurav Sharma. Do you want to see what reviews they have put forward for our Primebook Wifi laptop? If so, this blog can take you through!  

Primebook Wifi: One of “The Best New Year Gift Ideas For Your Tech Enthusiast Friend…,” Says TechGig!  

In TechGig’s article, where the author lists multiple unique cutting-edge tech products that people can present to their ‘beloved techies’ in the festive season, Primebook Wifi can secure the top position. In the article, the author aimed to provide information on the ideal present for various types of tech lovers, from those fond of playing video games to those who love to read a lot; our Primebook Wifi serves all! Possibly, that is why TechGig might have enlisted us to the top-most position. 

In their listicle, they refer to Primebook Wifi alongside a few more gadgets as the “coolest tech things” that are “not just useful” but indeed “keys to new adventure”! The author says that such technologies, including ours, the Primebook Wifi, have the potential to make ‘reading’, ‘staying fit’, ‘playing games’, or ‘staying connected’ much more “fun”.  

What Is TechGig’s Review of Primebook Wifi’s Features? 

TechGig’s review on Primebook Wifi covers all the major features, from robust performance and adequate storage space to exceptional visuals and affordable pricing. The author regards our Primebook Wifi laptop as a “gift of productivity and entertainment”! No doubt, he emphasizes the merit of the built-in Wifi feature in our laptop that allows everyone to stay connected no matter where they go! 

Their Primebook Wifi review highlights the reliability aspect and that our laptop is suitable for both work and play. The author states that Primebook Wifi is appropriate for buyers in search of an “efficient laptop” but intends to “avoid paying extra”. In this context, Gaurav has also mentioned a bit about our other product variant, the Primebook 4G, which reserves an additional 4G SIM connectivity, as already evident from the name!         

A Note of Thanks to TechGig For Reviewing Primebook Wifi! 

Of course, we are thrilled to find such a wonderful piece of review on our Primebook Wifi, especially when introduced along with some renowned brands like Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, etc. We would certainly like to thank the author, Gaurav Sharma, and the entire TechGig team for reviewing and listing our product in their article. It was like a booster dose for us to work harder, improvise on our products, and bring more new and innovative techs that are purposeful and pleasurable!   

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