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Blogs / Customer Reviews / Primebook Wifi Reviews on Flipkart: What Do Our Customers Say?

Blogs / Customer Reviews / Primebook Wifi Reviews on Flipkart: What Do Our Customers Say?

Primebook Team

08 Mar 2024

Primebook Wifi Reviews on Flipkart

Primebook Wifi Reviews on Flipkart: What Do Our Customers Say?


It thrills us to share that we have received over 700 reviews for our Primebook Wifi laptops on the Flipkart marketplace, one of the top e-commerce platforms in India, today. While many more reviews await, we want to note what our happy customers say about the Primebook Wifi. That’s exactly why we are here today with our blog! This piece shall cover the Primebook wifi reviews given by the certified buyers on Flipkart and what are the most given ones!

Primebook Wi-Fi Reviews Given by Flipkart’s Certified Buyers

Almost all certified buyers on Flipkart have given positive and exciting reviews about our Primebook Wifi. While some have spoken about the specific features they liked about Primebook Wifi, others have mentioned the performance and overall worth. Let’s explore some of those reviews below! 

Dev Raj, a certified buyer from Hoskote, mentioned Primebook Wifi as the “best ever Android laptop with better features…” He adds, “For students, it’s highly recommended…instead of using mobile, this is the best future learning laptop.”

A certified buyer from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Bikash Dey, has provided a positive connotation to the term “Terrific” when leaving his Primebook Wifi review. He said that Primebook Wifi serves the “value for money.”

Vikash Kumar from Patna mentioned that Primebook Wifi has a “great display according to price” and is “great for online classes with apps based on Android.”

In the review, Saktishree S Majhi from Kalinga Nagar said that Primebook wifi is “the best choice for students.”  Then, she went on with the features she liked by saying, “Battery backup is huge, booting speed is very fast, display quality and size is better than tablets, sound clarity is good and loud, supports both 5 and 2.4GHz wifi… ”

Abhijeet Jha from New Delhi noted, “It was really unexpected to get this level of performance at this price range.”

Gaurav Bisht from Dehradun mentioned that Primebook Wifi is a “reliable laptop” with myriads of “Android apps” and a “lot of functionality,” so he “highly recommends it. ” He also said it is the “best in the market”.

Sivaramakrishnan K from Chennai, who bought Primebook wifi for his daughter, has given an impressive review. He said it’s “worth every penny” and also appreciated the battery backup. 
Swapnil Srivastav from Noida reviewed Primebook Wifi as a ‘great product” and said, “It’s a lightweight laptop having a light but very nice operating system.”

The Most Given Primebook Wi-Fi Reviews on Flipkart: “Simply awesome” and “Wonderful” 

A maximum of the Primebook Wifi customers on the Flipkart marketplace have left their reviews as “simply awesome” and “wonderful”. Some of the customers who have reviewed Primebook Wifi as “simply awesome” are – Pooja Kushwah from Bangalore, Shadab Ali from Patna, Sayantan Modak from Hugli, West Bengal, Muskan Khan from Kalyan Pur, Rakesh Kumar from Noida, Vijay from Mohali, and Parveen Kumar from New Delhi. Likewise, some customers who reviewed Primebook wifi as “wonderful” are – Anand Rajak from Dhanwar, Rupam Mondal from Batika, Sanjay Giri from Guwahati, Sagar Khaire from Nashik, Dr. Chaitanya Mahanta from Balangir, and Raju from Chennai. 

While Dr. Chaitanya has also thanked the Primebook support team for helping fix his laptop issues, Sanjay Giri said it was a “mind-blowing purchase.” While Sagar shared that he is “happy” with the purchase, another buyer from Agra, who has mentioned Primebook Wifi as “wonderful”, namely Md. Shahbaz Ansari, highlighted that the laptop is “very smooth while performing multiple tasks.”

To sum up, it’s essential to thank all of you who have left your Primebook Wifi reviews on Flipkart. Your reviews have been an energy dose for us to work harder on our product improvisation. The reviews are not just proof of our pedigree, but more like a transparent evaluation of how far we have come till now and what we can do to serve you all better.  

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