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Blogs / Customer Reviews / Review of Primebook Wifi by Business Standard: A Glimpse!

Blogs / Customer Reviews / Review of Primebook Wifi by Business Standard: A Glimpse!

Primebook Team

07 Mar 2024

Review of Primebook Wifi by Business Standard

Review of Primebook Wifi by Business Standard: A Glimpse!


On 19th February 2024, Business Standard, one of India’s leading English newspapers, left a review of our Primebook Wifi laptops, remarking it as “good for learning and work”. A review by such a renowned news firm is no less than an accomplishment, indeed! It’s also a great assessment mechanism to understand how well the products are performing and where to improve and improvise. The review of Primebook Wifi given by Business Standard is undoubtedly the same for us! Would you like to have a glimpse of what they said about Primebook Wifi in their review article? This blog will take you through!  

Review of Primebook Wifi’s Design and Display

Business Standard praises the “compact and lightweight design” of Primebook Wifi laptops and the “soft touch-like sensation” its casing offers. Concerning the display, they state that it “offers ample brightness, ensuring comfortable readability in outdoor settings.” Additionally, they mention the “anti-glare coating” that helps minimize “reflections, enhancing visibility in bright conditions.” They have also acknowledged the “refresh rate” and wrote, “the display maintains smoothness without feeling sluggish.”  

Review of Primebook Wifi’s Speaker and Microphones

Business Standard’s review of Primebook Wifi includes the “clarity” of its audio quality. They said that the speakers of our laptop “deliver good sound with adequate volume level, ideal for usage in any setting.” In this same review, they have also mentioned how “the dual microphones excel at capturing clear speech” that is suitable for any meeting or video call.

Review of Primebook Wifi’s Keyboard and Trackpad  

Business Standard has appreciated the keyboard and trackpad of Primebook Wifi in their review. They said, “The spacing between the keys is sufficient, allowing comfortable typing even at higher speeds.” The review pays heed to our reconfiguration of certain key functions “to facilitate easier navigation.” They have highlighted the “responsiveness” of the trackpad and its support “for multi-finger gestures”. Besides, their review also gives regard to the feature of adjusting “trackpad sensitivity” on Primebook Wifi’s ‘Settings’.        

Review of Primebook Wifi’s Performance and OS

Business Standard’s review of the Primebook Wifi laptop encompasses a positive verdict on its performance. In their review, they said that this laptop can “smoothly handle everyday tasks” by harnessing the power of the MediaTek MT8183 processor. They even mentioned that app launches on Primebook Wifi are “sufficiently quick”. The review article even mentions the battery performance of this laptop as “impressing” and says that the Type C fast charging option “adds to its versatility.” 

On the same note, Business Standard has highlighted our Android-based operating system, PrimeOS, and the facility it offers to Primebook Wifi users to install “compatible Android apps”. They even said that our laptop holds a “clean” user interface that’s “devoid of bloatware” and easy “to use”.    

A Note of Thanks to Business Standard for Reviewing Primebook Wifi!

For such a motivating review of our Primebook Wifi laptop, we, the Primebook team, are really thankful to Business Standard. The review has allowed us to work better and smarter so we can keep transforming the challenges of learners into positive experiences. We shall try our best to hold to our vision and deliver the right form of technology to all students in India. 

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