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Blogs / Educational Bytes / Top 5 Android Apps for JEE Preparation in 2024

Blogs / Educational Bytes / Top 5 Android Apps for JEE Preparation in 2024

Ananya Dasgupta

21 Mar 2024

Top 5 Android Apps for JEE Preparation in 2024

Top 5 Android Apps for JEE Preparation in 2024

As the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) Mains 2024 is knocking at the door, all aspirants, including you, have started surfing the internet to look for ways to score better. However, opening the path to some of the prestigious engineering colleges in India amidst intense competition is difficult, indeed! For this reason, many JEE aspirants are resorting to online coaching apps for enhanced JEE preparation. While multiple such apps are available today, you have to find the right one. Hence, this blog lists the top 5 Android apps you can use for your JEE preparation in 2024.      


Toppr is one of the top Android apps to utilize for your JEE preparation this year in 2024. This app provides personalized lessons suiting your needs for JEE. With the easy-to-use app interface, you can establish your learning goals and aim to achieve them within a set timeframe. Here, you can access the various video lectures, attend live classes, solve adaptive question papers, and take practice tests to examine your level of JEE preparation. The app also allows JEE aspirants to clear doubts from experts, where three doubt-clearances are free, but you have to make a payment thereafter.    

PCM Formulas

PCM Formulas is another of the top Android apps to avail for your JEE preparation in 2024, especially for revision purposes. This free educational app provides a vast collection of all crucial theorems, formulas, equations, and postulates from Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. There’s offline access to this quick learning resource for your last-minute brush-up before the JEE.  With an intuitive user interface, the app allows you to find the exact formula you are looking for. Besides, it’s regularly updated to keep you ahead in your JEE preparation journey. 

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If you want to begin your JEE preparation with a profound analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, the Android version of Embibe is your go-to app for 2024. It’s one of the top Android apps that allows you to improve your JEE preparation with personalized learning. Here, you can learn from 3D images and videos and even scan a portion of your textbook or a question to extract the complete lesson or solution. It’s possible because of the unique app feature called EMBIBE Lens. Moreover, you can even avail of free tests on this app to track your JEE preparation level.  

Ask IITians

Ask IITians is another of the top Android apps for enhancing your JEE preparation in 2024, specifically if you intend to learn solving questions through quick and smart techniques. For instance, you can learn how to use the visualization technique for problem-solving. The app enables JEE aspirants to understand and clear concepts via online lecture videos, daily practice papers, and query-clearing sessions by the top faculties. However, you may not get all notes and lectures for free, typically those covering important topics. Yet again, the paid coverage of important topics can undoubtedly help you score better in your JEE.  


To derive the past 35 years of JEE question papers with detailed solutions for better preparation before your exam, there’s no better than EduRev! It is one of the top Android apps to leverage in 2024 if you want a comprehensive JEE preparation. You can get video lectures and crash courses aligned precisely with the exam syllabus, alongside study materials and notes from top JEE teachers and publishers. The app also gives JEE aspirants free access to online mock test series and provides all-India ranks for these tests.   

In a nutshell, the above-mentioned top Android apps for JEE preparation are the highest-rated on Google and have served valuably for many JEE aspirants till date. You can try all of them and see which one suits you best, depending on your specific needs for JEE preparation. Irrespective of the app you finally select, our Android-based Primebook laptop has it all in its built-in app store. You can access them seamlessly from anywhere and at any time. 

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