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Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Top 5 Must-Try Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools of 2024

Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Top 5 Must-Try Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools of 2024

Ananya Dasgupta

26 Dec 2023

Top 5 Must-Try Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools of 2024

Top 5 Must-Try Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools of 2024


The post-pandemic world has witnessed the rapid rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Almost every industry has been embracing the magic of AI to make business operations faster and more efficient than ever before. Today, there’s an AI tool for every function, be it for streamlining communication, error detection, creative content creation, or data analysis. Amidst so many of them, which are the top ones? You must be pondering about it! Relax! Here I’m with this blog to help you discover the top five artificial intelligence (AI) tools that are going to remain in the spotlight for 2024.  

1. Google Bard

Google Bard, the conversational AI tool that instantly reciprocates every prompt you give, is undoubtedly one of the top AI tools you must try in 2024. This AI tool is always ready to provide texts, photos, and videos whenever you place your query through a message or voice note. Typically, it stocks three response drafts for each prompt, so you can pick the most suitable sections from them to make your content more precise and engaging. 

Leveraging the power of a vigorous transformer-based model, LaMDA, this AI tool stands connected to the web. It means you can fetch responses based on current trends and online content. All you have to do is access it via your Google account.    

2. Midjourney

The image-generating bot Midjourney is another of the top AI tools that can equip you to unleash your creative potential and explore the different horizons of art in 2024. This AI tool, working on various large language models, stands vehemently capable of transforming your visionary text prompt into eye-catching graphics. Whether for your social media campaigns, blog images, or website designs, Midjourney can offer you quality art. 

You can avail of it from the Discord server, either by straightaway leaving a message to the Discord bot or by inviting it to another third-party server. It’s easy to use and offers a set of four graphics at a time. So, you can choose and use whichever suits you!     

3. DeepBrain AI

For any sort of video creation, one of the top AI tools of 2024 that you must not miss is DeepBrain AI! This unique bot is famous for offering conversational robotic avatars. Many brands today utilize this AI tool to create a human-like avatar for training or campaign videos. It allows them to substitute hiring an actor or influencer. DeepBrain AI can support eighty different international languages. It can seamlessly transform your script into voiceovers and subtitles.   

The user interface herein is fundamental, and you can find multiple video templates once you start scrolling through this app. Such an aspect can undoubtedly give you a self-configuring feel. The tool operates on a media synthesis framework, allowing you to create high-quality videos effortlessly. 

4. MagicForm

Built exclusively for the pursuit of customer support, MagicForm is undeniably a top AI tool of 2024 that you must use for your online business. This conversational AI curates human-like responses to your customers when they come up with doubts and questions, thereby boosting audience engagement and converting potential customers. Indeed, this tool is a quick self-learner. It grasps all information about your business and assists users 24x7 without your involvement. 

MagicForm can understand and speak in around thirty different languages. The more you use this AI tool for your website, the more efficient it becomes in solving personalized questions put forward by the users. It is possible because of machine learning, no doubt!    

5. GitHub Copilot

One of the top AI programmers of 2024, none other than GitHub Copilot, is developed through the collaborative efforts of Microsoft, OpenAI, and GitHub. Based on OpenAI’s Codex, this AI tool doubtlessly holds the ability to create complex codes in various programming languages, like JavaScript, Python, C++, Go, and so forth! It’s integrated with many other tools, such as JetBrains IDEs or Visual Studio Code. 

GitHub Copilot can assist you in writing codes faster with auto-complete suggestions. You can either begin writing a code and leave it for the AI to complete. Or, you can send a message in your language to the AI, describing what codes exactly you want from it. The choice is yours!   

Now, for summing up – You are likely to see more such AI tools emerging in 2024! Some would serve with ethical education, some with policy-making, and a few more with solutions on quantum bits and augmented working. Are you ready for it?  

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