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Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Top 7 ChatGPT Alternatives in 2024: Revealed!

Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / Top 7 ChatGPT Alternatives in 2024: Revealed!

Ananya Dasgupta

28 Dec 2023

Top 7 ChatGPT Alternatives in 2024: Revealed!

Top 7 ChatGPT Alternatives in 2024: Revealed!


While the world witnessed a massive AI revolution with the advent of Open AI’s ChatGPT, it does not have information on events and knowledge beyond 2017. That is precisely why, standing in 2024, we need to look for accurate ChatGPT alternatives. The ones that can empower us with easy access to advanced information and assist us in creating top-notch content for various purposes, be it for academics or business. Now, you must be thinking about what such ChatGPT alternatives can be! Relax! This blog shall reveal all the top ChatGPT alternatives for 2024!      

1. Google Bard

One of the top ChatGPT alternatives to leverage in 2024 is undoubtedly Google Bard, which takes you to the world of real-time information within a few seconds. This search engine chatbot powered by LamDA and PaLM is suitable for research, content outlining, writing copies and hooks, coding, etc. You can access it for free, and that too, devoid of any additional plugins. The moment you give your prompt via voice note or message, this conversational AI shall present all the relevant images, videos, and texts. Having a Google account would be enough to avail of it, indeed!     

2. Jasper AI 

Jasper AI is certainly another of the top ChatGPT alternatives to use in 2024, especially for the extensive content creation requisite in a business endeavor. Whether you want to craft email copies, social media posts, website content, long-format articles, meta titles and descriptions, classified listings, or video scripts, this AI content tool can provide it all! Besides, it can adjust tones and make your content friendlier and/or formal. It can add humor to your content to appeal to the intellectual audience. However, it’s a paid chatbot with a five-day free trial option. 

3. HuggingChat 

No wonder when it comes to the top ChatGPT alternatives for 2024, HuggingChat reserves a prominent spot in the list. It’s an open-source generative AI operating on the GPT-3 language model and is famous for summarizing long texts, performing translations, curating song lyrics, and drafting Excel formulas. But you must remember that the quality of texts hugely depends on the prompt you provide! HuggingChat can serve you for free, and you don’t necessarily need to create an account for that! You can start accessing it from the landing page of Hugging Face.     

4. Bing Chat 

Bing Chat by Microsoft is undeniably the next top ChatGPT alternative for 2024. This AI chatbot functions on the same language model that drives ChatGPT but can derive information from anywhere on the web. The most striking feature of Bing Chat is that it stands directly integrated into the Bing Search Engine. So, whenever you seek an answer to your query on the search engine, this generative AI finds and puts forward the most relevant response. Moreover, unlike other AI chatbots, it automatically provides the sources and suggests follow-up prompts. All of it, absolutely for free!      

5. YouChat 

For a fairly accurate ChatGPT alternative to utilize in 2024, YouChat is a great option! Similar to Bing Chat, this conversational AI bot stays plugged into the search engine called, and it works on the C-A-L (Conversation, Apps, and Links) language model. Hence, the responses it offers you are even extracted from sites like YouTube and Reddit. YouChat backs up its texts with links from blogs and Wikipedia pages. As a result, you can explore those links and fetch a clearer understanding of the topic to edit YouChat’s write-up. Once you land on’s search engine, tap the ‘Chat’ option and access it for free!     

6. Socratic 

If and when you’re looking for a more easy-to-use AI chatbot where using your camera is enough to pose your query, Socratic is a must-try! This ChatGPT alternative is renowned for solving questions of different subjects, like physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, literature, social science, and more. It means Socratic is an appropriate AI tool for students’ homework pursuits in 2024. Powered by Google, this AI chatbot can allocate meticulous study guides and instructional films. Here, all you have to do is download the AI app on your Android or iOS device and start using it for free!        

7. Writesonic 

Your ChatGPT can’t provide proper creative art images even when given a well-structured prompt? It’s time you replace it with the top alternative, Writesonic! This AI chatbot is indisputably sophisticated in terms of its productive abilities on advertisement content ideas. It answers in the form of different personalities like that of a comedian, an astrologer, or a tour guide. Moreover, it can reply in nearly twenty-five diverse languages, from French and German to Japanese and Chinese. While you can use it for free, the paid version stocks more features, such as bulk editing or SEO integration.   

Now, to conclude, I must say that – each of the above-mentioned apps is through the continuous process of updates. Thus, they may come up with something new any day, replacing one another for a particular AI assistance function. However, all of them are, of course, better alternatives to the overused and overhyped ChatGPT. Explore them and see what kind of creative and authentic content they unfold!  

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