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Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / What Are The Top Augmented Reality Examples Till Date?

Blogs / Trendy Tech Talks / What Are The Top Augmented Reality Examples Till Date?

Ananya Dasgupta

24 Jan 2024

What Are The Top Augmented Reality Examples Till Date?

What Are The Top Augmented Reality Examples Till Date?


Perhaps as we talk about science fiction, the Marvel Universe is the first to pop up in our minds. But how about the same in real life? The robust innovation in the field of Sci-fi, or precisely Augmented reality (AR), has been bringing dinosaurs to your living room, letting you try on dresses without leaving your room, and even taking you through a tour of the ancient historical worlds for a long now! Curious to know more? Dive into this blog on top of Augmented reality examples till date and discover how AR is blurring the lines between the real and virtual. 

1. Pokemon Go Game

The childhood nostalgia intriguing Pokemon Go game is one of the oldest and top augmented reality examples. This game was launched in 2016 and took augmented reality to people of all age groups, dramatically merging the physical and digital worlds. In this game, millions of people roamed around in the real world to capture virtual cartoon characters, i.e., Pokemon, present in their nearby areas. No wonder augmented reality is what made the gaming experience more intuitive and fun!     

2. Pizza Hut’s Pac-Man Game

Another of the top augmented reality examples to date is undeniably Pizza Hut’s Pac-Man Game. This innovative packaging and branding method undertaken by Pizza Hut gained massive popularity in 2021. It was called ‘Tastemaker PAC-MAN’. Here, the pizza boxes delivered to the buyer’s doorstep embraced a Pac-Man Board and a QR code. On scanning this QR through smartphones, people got to play the game on the Pizza box by controlling moves virtually using a joystick. Amazing experience, indeed! 

3. Promotion of ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’

The promotional campaign for 2018’s ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’ by ‘Sony Picture’ is a memorable and top augmented reality example that remains in word-of-mouth even today! In this augmented reality experience, spider-man fans got the chance to invite Mile Morales to their home, interact, click pictures, and share those snaps with friends. Users didn’t even have to download any app to enjoy this fun and happening milieu of the real and fictional universe. Using a web browser stood out enough!   

4. Vyking’s Shoe Trial 

Gradually, as augmented reality took the marketing and branding of the retail world by storm, the renowned fashion brand Vyking brought a unique shoe trial experience for their shoppers. It allowed people to get a realistic experience of the shoe trail without even going to the showrooms. You can still see this top augmented reality example and try various shoes the brand offers! Their augmented reality experience entails individual foot tracking and 3D visualization of shoes as you apply them to your foot and move around.   

5. Wayfair’s Furniture Trial 

Likewise, another top example of augmented reality that became famous in 2017 and thereafter is Wayfair’s furniture trial option. With Apple’s ARKit and Safari’s AR QuickLook, Wayfair facilitated users to cherish in-store experiences live at home. Their augmented reality technology constituted body occlusion, where people standing before virtual furniture can showcase that in their real world. Later, Wayfair also incorporated environmental occlusion that enabled people to apply virtual furniture in their physical room setting and see how it looks.     

6. Google Street View 

Google has also grabbed the limelight with another of the top augmented reality experiences, and that is none other than Google Street View. While traditional virtual maps made it difficult to seamlessly track and showcase a detailed route within a smaller area, this augmented reality example empowered Google Maps and its users with a path to enhancement. The augmented reality experience here allows people to create 360-degree photos of the live location on Google Maps and get direction arrows live on the photo screen.  

To wrap up, I have to add that the aforementioned augmented reality examples are not the only ones in place. There are multiple other examples from across various industries, from education and manufacturing to tourism, food, and hospitality. While some brands like Digital Porsche Academy even used augmented reality to train and guide their employees, others like Froggipedia used AR to teach frog dissection to students. While Snapchat gave ample AR filters to the users, One Plus promoted its Nord model via an AR-based take-a-tour opportunity. Yes. There are myriads of them, and with time, more to come!  

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