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Blogs / How To / How to Enhance Your Creativity in 2024?

Blogs / How To / How to Enhance Your Creativity in 2024?

Ananya Dasgupta

20 Mar 2024

How to Enhance Your Creativity in 2024?

How to Enhance Your Creativity in 2024?


Just like beauty, creativity lies in the eyes of the beholder, and each of us has this ingrained quality as human beings. While some use creativity to solve a complex problem, some intend to make something completely new out of it. However, we all aspire to enhance our creative skills to become more open-minded, innovative, and emotionally and cognitively intelligent. This blog aims to give an overview of how to enhance your creativity standing in 2024.

Engage in Regular Brainstorming Sessions

The first way to enhance your creativity this year in 2024 is to keep brainstorming ideas with people around you. Whether it’s a meaningful conversation with your friends on weekends,  a formal brainstorming meeting with your team, or visualising your ideas, when alone at home, your creativity is certain to spark. Indeed, getting your thoughts out of your brain and writing them down somewhere can help you get a new eye on the projects you tend to pursue.  

Explore Diverse Art Forms Using Latest Techs

The second way to enhance your creativity in 2024 is to explore and experiment with different artistic expressions, like poetry and prose, dance, sculptures and painting, music, etc. The digital realm offers various modern technologies to help you experiment with these art forms. You can use Adobe Illustrator or Canva to create digital paintings. You can use SoundCloud to compose your music and upload it on the same music streaming platform. You can go for the Pocket Salsa app to get Salsa dance lessons for free.  

Learn The Art of Prompt Engineering

The third and one of the most significant ways to enhance your creativity in 2024 is by learning how to give prompts to generative AI chatbots. Whether you intend to create a poetic writeup via ChatGPT or Gemini Advanced or produce an image via MidJourney, giving the right prompt is very crucial. This is because the AI will curate the artistic expression precisely based on the creative articulation of your words. It’s your prompt that AI uses to transform your perceptions and ideas into realistic art.    

Go for Personal Branding and Storytelling

Another way to enhance your creativity in 2024 amidst the presence of various social media platforms is to opt for personal branding with authentic content. Creative journalling is one of the most effective ways of personal branding as it empowers you to self-evaluate your creative skills through continuous self-introspection. Meanwhile, you must leverage the power of storytelling to understand how to translate your imagination into reality to connect with people on a deeper level. 

Meditate Every Day and Be Mindful  

Above all, you can enhance your creativity by meditating regularly. While you may be prone to watching reels on various social media platforms, there’s a high dopamine release in your body, making you restless and distracted often. Experts say that mindful meditation enables you to slow down your “racing thoughts” and eliminate negativities. This further calms down your body and mind and lets creative insights take the surface. You can even get apps that guide you through meditation techniques, such as Headspace or Breethe

To conclude, you must understand that creativity is an extremely broad spectrum. Thus, the scopes to enhance your creativity are myriads. While some may find results with the aforementioned methods, some may have to go for even more. For instance, some may try playing role reversals, generating random words, phrases, idioms, and metaphors, practising reverse thinking, engaging in creative puzzles and challenges, etc. You must pursue what suits you best!  

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