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Blogs / How To / How to Find The Best Online Maths Classes?

Blogs / How To / How to Find The Best Online Maths Classes?

Ananya Dasgupta

07 Feb 2024

Steps to Find The Best Online Maths Classes!

How to Find The Best Online Maths Classes?


To find the best online math classes, consider factors such as instructor qualifications, course content relevance, student reviews, interactive teaching methods, and flexibility in scheduling. Look for platforms offering structured curriculum, personalized attention, and opportunities for practice and feedback to enhance mathematical understanding effectively.

Step 1: Set Your Own Goals and Determine Your Needs Accordingly 

The first step to finding the best online maths classes is to set your goals and consider your needs accordingly. Yes. You must determine what exactly you expect from the online maths classes. Whether you want to prepare for a competitive exam or entrance test, improve your marks, or gather an in-depth knowledge of the various maths topics, it’s on you to recognize!

Herein, you must decide the maths topics you want to learn and what learning style you prefer, whether a live one-to-one session, video-based, or both combined. You also have to think about the pace at which you wish to take your maths classes.  

Step 2: Search for Reputed Platforms That Offer Online Maths Classes 

The second step in the process is to search for the top platforms that offer online maths classes these days. You can ask your relatives and acquaintances, join various forums and social media groups to fetch relevant information, or surf through search engines straightaway with the names of such platforms.  

Some renowned platforms to offer online maths classes are Khan Academy, Udemy, BYJU’s, Coursera, Cuemath, Preply, WhiteHat Jr, and so forth. While Khan Academy provides comprehensive maths coaching for all levels, from kindergarten to competitive exams like NEET or JRE, BYJU’s is known for personalized learning plans and interactive quiz sessions.  For kids, Preply is more popular, and for K-12 students, Cuemath.  

Step 3: Assess Their Features and Tally Them with One Another

The next step is to identify and assess the features of the online maths classes the platforms offer and then tally with one another. You need to check which platform offers the curriculum that matches your objectives. You must see the years of experience the instructors have, what kind of assessment pattern they follow, and whether they provide practice papers and notes consistently!

In this step, you also have to check and tally the cost and the various technologies involved in the coaching classes. Make sure you look for a complete price breakdown to examine if there’s any hidden cost. A platform that offers a transparent price breakdown is the one you must opt for!     

Step 4: Look Out for Customer Reviews and Testimonials

After you have tallied and selected a few top platforms to pursue your online maths classes, look out for their customer reviews and testimonials stand essential! A customer review is a social proof that allows you to understand whether the platform provides all it claims. This can help you acknowledge the teaching quality of such a platform and its effectiveness for your specific endeavor.

If you find more bad reviews, it’s certain to cancel out such a platform from your bucket list and go for another. If you see there’s a mix of both good and bad reviews, look for the timeline to understand the current scenario. Such a step shall help you know whether the platform went through improvement in its coaching services or deteriorated gradually.    

Step 5: Ask Your Queries and Seek A Free Trial 

Above all, you must communicate with the online platforms offering maths classes and get answers to all your doubts and queries. A platform that is prompt in clarifying a potential customer’s query is certain to deliver a quality service. Such an aspect shall help to take the final call!

Most of the reputed platforms offer a free trial service for you to better understand their training process. You must be proactive in this regard and seek a demo by yourself. The demo gives you an insight into the online learning experience you shall derive thereafter! Remember that a platform that refuses to provide a free demo is not a very suitable option to select!

In a nutshell, multiple platforms today offer online maths classes, and you have to find the one that best suits your needs. There are even many applications that give maths training in the form of course uploads, and you can access and utilize them anytime. The built-in app store in our Primebook laptop stocks all such Android-based applications, and you can, therefore, leverage them right away by availing of our laptop.

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