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Service & Support / Bhuvneshwar

Are you residing in Bhuvneshwar and have bought or planning to buy a Primebook laptop? Herein, you may have one inevitable question – Where is the Primebook service center based in Bhuvneshwar, and how can you contact their representatives?

Certainly, our Primebook laptops need occasional repairs, servicing, or part replacements like every tech device. So, Primebook takes the stage with a one-year warranty, where a free pick-and-drop service in Bhuveneshwar is included. 

Yes. You shall get several search results while searching for “laptop repair near my location in Bhuvneshwar” or “laptop repairing service near me in Bhuvneshwar”. But those services may not be as appropriate as provided by our official technical team and may additionally charge a service cost.  

It’s why Primebook comes with a free pick-and-drop service in Bhuvneshwar and helps carry over your Primebook repair. Our pick-and-drop service in Bhuvneshwar is valid for all products of Primebook. Whenever you need this service, request us by clicking through the below-given tabs.

Steps to Follow for Our Pick and Drop Repair Service in Bhuvneshwar:

  • It’s you who have to initiate the first step! In this step, you must refer to all the issues you found in your Primebook and then mention the laptop’s model number, your name, and your exact address in Bhuvneshwar. 

  • Soon after you submit the request, our team will connect you and assist you in troubleshooting your Primebook. Listen to their instruction carefully and do as they say. 

  • If there’s no way left to fix your Primebook through texts or calls, our team will proceed with the pick-up schedule right away! We confirm this schedule at your convenience! 

  • After our team picks up the Primebook from your address, it is transported to our warehouse, where the laptop repair takes place! During this time, we will keep providing you with the repair updates. If you have any queries regarding the repair status, drop your message on our WhatsApp. 

  • Once our team successfully fixes your Primebook, they will call or text you and inquire about your availability for the drop-off and confirm it. 

Please Note: Our free pick-and-drop repair service in Bhuvneshwar is available only during the one-year warranty period, which starts from the date of your laptop purchase. 

Cases Where Our Free Pick-and-Drop Service is Not Applicable: 

1. Primebook’s pick-and-drop service doesn’t apply to any products other than Primebook laptops. 

2. This free pick-and-drop service in Bhuvneshwar doesn’t apply if your warranty policy expires. 

3. If the tenure of your laptop warranty ends, but it needs a repair, you have to pay the service charge! The estimated service charges will be informed to you by our team after conducting a thorough examination of the requisite laptop repair. 

4. In case there’s physical damage to your Primebook because of subjection to severe temperatures, improper laptop use, unofficial repair or service, spilling of water, or lightning, our warranty stands non-applicable.