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Service & Support / Raipur

Purchased or plan to purchase a Primebook laptop and live in Raipur? In such a case, one question is obvious to come up: Where is the Primebook service center located in Raipur, and how can you communicate with their team?

Similar to other laptops, your Primebook may sometimes require repairs or part replacements to revive their seamless functioning and keep them going for more time. Here, Primebook brings a one-year warranty policy covering a pick-and-drop service in Raipur. 

When you start searching on the internet for “laptop repair service near me in Raipur” or “laptop repairs in Raipur”, Google shall exhibit many options before you. But why choose those unofficial services when you get an authentic service from Primebook’s technical team for free? 

Primebook offers a convenient pick-and-drop service in Raipur for laptop repairs! This free pick-and-drop service in Raipur is available for all Primebook variants! Whenever you seek this service, simply navigate through either of the tabs below and raise your request.

Steps to Avail of The Primebook Pick and Drop Service in Raipur: 

  • When placing your service request, you must provide a description of what issues you see in the laptop alongside your location in Raipur, your name, and the Primebook model number. 

  • Then, our team will connect you via message or call and instruct you on how to troubleshoot the Primebook. Listen and follow the troubleshooting tips carefully! 

  • If your laptop still shows a problem, our customer service team will be scheduling your Primebook pick-up from your mentioned Raipur address. This schedule will depend on your preferred date and time. 

  • Once your laptop is picked up and our team starts repairing it, you will keep getting constant updates. Any moment you want to know the repair status, get in touch with our team at the given contact number.

  • After the repair process is complete, you get another call or text from our team for the drop-off schedule, depending on your preferred timeframe. 

Please Note: Primebook’s free pick-and-drop repair service in Raipur is applicable only during the warranty period, which is one year from the date of your laptop purchase. 

Cases Where Primebook’s Free Pick-and-Drop Service is Not Applicable: 

1. Our pick-and-drop service in Raipur doesn’t cover any product apart from Primebook.

2. This free pick-and-drop service in Raipur stands nonapplicable the moment your laptop’s warranty expires. 

3. If and when your laptop is out of warranty, and a repair is essential, you must pay a charge for the service. Our team will inform you about the estimated charge only after testing the laptop and identifying the requisite repairs.

4. The warranty on Primebook doesn’t apply to physical damages that occur from exposure to severe atmospheric conditions, unauthorized repair or access, thunderstorms, earthquakes, lightning, improper use, etc.