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Service & Support / Noida

Bought or planned to buy a Primebook laptop and reside in Noida? If yes, the most common question to hit you now is – Where is the Primebook service center in Noida, and how can you communicate with their concerned team? 

Of course,  Primebook, like all laptops, occasionally needs repairs, replacement, and maintenance to revive its original functioning capabilities. For this reason, our laptops come with a year-round warranty that includes a free pick-and-drop service in Noida. 

While you look for “laptop repairs near my location in Noida” or “laptop service centers near me in Noida”, Google displays a wide range of options. However, those options may not provide you with an appropriate service like our in-house team and may additionally charge for their service. 

So, Primebook brings in a convenient and free pick-up and drop service in Noida to help you with your Primebook repairs. Such a free pick-and-drop service in Noida applies to all of Primebook’s products!  If you need this service, request it by clicking on the buttons below.

Step-by-Step Process of Primebook’s Pick and Drop Repair Service in Noida: 

  • To request this service, you must give your location in Noida, name, Primebook model number, and a description of the problem you face with the laptop. 

  • Thereafter, our customer service team will contact you and instruct you on troubleshooting the Primebook. Make sure you abide by each specific instruction. 

  • When our team can’t resolve the problem despite troubleshooting the laptop, they will soon schedule the laptop pick-up from your location. This scheduling will be done based on your preferred time slot.

  • After the pick-up process is complete and our technicians start fixing it, you shall obtain updates on the repair progress. To track the repair status at any time, connect with our team on the same number. 

  • Once our technicians complete the repair, we will contact you again to confirm the drop-off schedule.  

Please Note: Our free pick-and-drop repair service in Noida is valid only during the one-year warranty period starting from the date of your laptop purchase. 

Cases Where Primebook’s Free Pick-and-Drop Service Stand Non-applicable: 

1. Our pick-and-drop service in Noida doesn’t apply to any product apart from Primebook’s.

2. Primebook’s free pick-and-drop service in Noida will be non-applicable after your warranty expires.  

3. In case your Primebook warranty gets lapsed and your laptop still requires a fix, we shall charge for the service. You can get to know the estimated service charges only after our team examines the necessary laptop repairs. 

4. Primebook’s warranty stands null and void in case of damages due to water spillage, exposure to severe or volatile temperatures, wire cuts, lightning, thunderstorms, improper usage, unauthorized servicing, etc.