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Service & Support / Hyderabad

Bought or have plans to buy a Primebook laptop and live in Hyderabad? No wonder one question is likely to hit you now: Where is the Primebook service center located, and how can you reach out to their concerned team? 

After all, as a tech gadget, a Primebook laptop may call for occasional fixes and repairs or a part replacement to keep it functioning smoothly. For this purpose, Primebook gives a one-year warranty, along with a free pick-and-drop service in Hyderabad. 

If you surf on the web with “laptop repairs near me” or “laptop service centers in Hyderabad”, Google will give you myriads of options. But why take the risk of availing of an unofficial service and pay unnecessary service charges when Primebook’s core technicians are already at your service for free?  

Primebook comes with a hassle-free pick-and-drop service in Hyderabad to assist you in your Primebook maintenance and repairs. Our warranty policy covering the free pick-up and drop service in Hyderabad is available on all Primebook variants. If you want to get this service, raise a request by navigating through the links below.

The Process Involved in Primebook Pick and Drop Service in Hyderabad:

  • When you raise the service request, brief about the issue in your Primebook and give your name, exact address in Hyderabad, and your Primebook model number. 

  • Our customer support team will reach out to you shortly with a few troubleshooting steps, and you need to follow them precisely to fix your Primebook right away. 

  • If our team cannot resolve the issues through chats or calls, the team will further schedule the laptop pick-up from your stated address in Hyderabad, depending on your availability. 

  • Once the pick-up is over and your laptop reaches our warehouse for repair, you will keep getting repair updates from our support team. If you feel like tracking the repair status, message us on the WhatsApp number mentioned above. 

  • After the repair is successful, our support team will contact you to schedule the drop-off. 

Please Note: Our free pick-and-drop service in Hyderabad is only applicable within your warranty tenure, i.e., one year from the date of your Primebook purchase. 

Cases Where Primebook’s Free Pick-and-Drop Service in Hyderabad is Not Applicable:

1. Our pick-and-drop repair service cannot be availed for any laptop apart from Primebook. 

2. This free pick-and-drop service in Hyderabad is non-applicable if and when your warranty period is over. 

3. In case your laptop warranty expires but a repair or replacement is necessary, you need to pay the service charges. Our team will communicate the estimated charges only after examining the requisite fixes. 

4. You cannot avail of the Primebook warranty in cases like physical damage to the laptop by improper use, wire cutting, natural calamities, exposure to water logging or extreme temperatures, etc.