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Service & Support / Pune

Bought or plan to buy a Primebook laptop and live in Pune? If so, one question is obvious to come to your mind: Where can you find the Primebook service centers in Pune, and how to connect with their respective team?  

No doubt, the Primebook laptop, as a tech device, may sometimes need to be fixed, repaired, and maintained to leverage its seamless functioning for more time. So, Primebook gives a warranty for 1 year that includes a free pick-and-drop service in Pune. 

When surfing on the web with “laptop repairs near me” or “laptop service centers in Pune”, you shall come across a variety of options. But why go for an unofficial service and pay unnecessary charges when Primebook’s in-house technicians provide an official repair and maintenance service for free?

Yes. Primebook comes with a pick-and-drop service to your city, Pune, to help you with your Primebook repair and maintenance. This free pick-and-drop service in Pune caters to all Primebook users. To get this service, raise a request via the buttons below.

The Steps Involved in Primebook Pick-up and Drop Service in Pune:

  • When you request this service, mention your name, location in Pune, Primebook’s model number, and a short note on the issues you find in your Primebook laptop. 

  • Thereupon, our customer service team will connect with you and provide a couple of troubleshooting steps. You must follow them carefully to fix the issue immediately.

  • In case the issues aren’t fixed over a chat or call, our team will schedule your Primebook pick-up from the mentioned location in Pune following your favorable date and time.  

  • After pick-up, while your laptop reaches our warehouse, our team will keep updating you about the repair progress. If you want to track the repair status, message us on the aforementioned WhatsApp number.

  • Once your laptop is repaired, our team will contact you again to schedule the drop-off service at your doorstep. 

Please Note: Our free pick-and-drop service in Pune is available only during the warranty period, which is one year from the date of your laptop purchase.

Cases Where Our Free Pick-and-Drop Service in Pune is Non-applicable: 

1. Primebook’s pick-and-drop repair service in Pune doesn’t apply to any other laptop brand except Primebook. 

2. Our free pick-and-drop service in Pune stands invalid if and when your warranty period is over. 

3. When your Primebook laptop’s warranty expires, but your laptop requires a replacement or repair, you need to pay a service charge. The estimated charges will be informed to you only after the examination of the requisite fixes.  

4. You cannot claim the warranty if there’s physical damage, such as those due to reckless use, wire cuts, lightning, thunderstorms, exposure to volatile temperatures, pests, rodents, etc.