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Service & Support / Bangalore

Purchased or planning to purchase a Primebook laptop and reside in Bangalore? In this case, one question is certain to strike you: Where to find the Primebook service center and how to contact their respective team? 

Of course, the Primebook laptop, as a tech gadget, may sometimes require replacement, repairs, and maintenance to keep it going seamlessly for the years ahead. That’s why we bring a 1-year warranty policy, covering a free pick-and-drop service in Bangalore. 

When searching for “laptop service centers near me in Bangalore” or “laptop repair centers in Bangalore”, several options tend to pop up on Google. However, not all such services are authentic, and they may even ask for a specific service charge. 

Therefore, Primebook comes with a convenient pick-and-drop service in Bangalore for your Primebook maintenance and repairs. Irrespective of the Primebook product you purchase, our pick-and-drop facility covers it all for any hardware or software-related issues that you face on the laptop! To avail of it, what you have to do is request the service through the buttons below.

Steps to Get Primebook Pick and Drop Service in Bangalore:  

  • Whenever you request this service, state the issues you’re facing in your Primebook laptop alongside your name, address in Bangalore, and Primebook model number. 

  • Herein, our customer support team will connect you and instruct you for troubleshooting. Ensure that you follow each given instruction to fix the issues. 

  • If our team cannot fix the issues over calls or chats, they will schedule your Primebook pick-up from the given address in Bangalore as per your suitable date and time.  

  • After your laptop is picked up and it undergoes the repair process in our warehouse, our team will keep sharing the repair updates. Any time you wish to track the progress status, leave a message on the same contact number. 

  • Once the repair is completed, our team will reconnect with you to schedule the drop-off. 

Please Note: Our free pick-and-drop repair service in Bangalore is applicable only within the warranty tenure, which is one whole year from the date of your purchase. 

Cases Where Our Free Pick-and-Drop Service in Bangalore is Not Applicable: 

  1. Our pick-and-drop service in Bangalore doesn’t stand valid for any laptop apart from that of Primebook.

  2. Our free pick-and-drop service doesn't apply in case your laptop’s warranty period expires. 

  3. If your Primebook warranty is over and your laptop needs a repair or replacement, we shall charge a price for it. Our team will revert to you with the estimated charges only after examining the laptop fixes. 

  4. You cannot avail of the Primebook warranty in case of physical damage to your Primebook laptop due to reckless use, cutting of wire, pets or rodents, exposure to extreme atmospheric conditions or temperature, etc.