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Service & Support / Mumbai

Purchased or plan to purchase a Primebook laptop and reside in Mumbai? Therein, one question that arises is – Where’s the Primebook service center, and how can you contact their respective team? 

After all, as an electronic gadget, a Primebook laptop may require occasional maintenance, repair, or replacement of certain parts to ensure its smooth functioning for the days ahead. For this reason, Primebook provides a one-year warranty policy with a free pick-and-drop service. 

If and when you search for “laptop repairs near me in Mumbai” or “laptop service centers near my location”, Google shall display several options. However, they may not be an authentic service provider like our in-house technicians and may also charge for their service.  

That’s why our pick-and-drop service in Mumbai is there to help assist in your Primebook repair and maintenance. Our one-year warranty policy, including the free pick-and-drop facility, stands applicable to all our product variants for any software or hardware issues you find on our laptop. To avail of the pick-and-drop service in Mumbai, what you have to do is raise a request to us by using the below-given buttons.

The Steps Involved in Primebook Pick and Drop Service in Mumbai: 

  • When you request the pick-and-drop service, mention your Primebook model number, your exact location in Mumbai, your name, and a brief on the issues you’re witnessing on the laptop.

  • Herein, our customer support team will revert with a few troubleshooting tips to fix the laptop immediately. You must follow the steps as instructed. 

  • If the issue doesn’t get solved through a call or chat, our team will schedule a pick-up from your location in Mumbai following your convenient date and time. 

  • Once the pick-up is complete and the laptop reaches our warehouse, our team will keep you updated on the repair or replacement progress. Meanwhile, if you wish to know the status, contact our customer support on the mentioned number. 

  • After the repair or replacement stands successful, our support team will reconnect with you to schedule the drop-off. 

Please Note: Our free pick-and-drop service in Mumbai is only valid during your warranty period, which remains for one year from the date of purchase. 

Cases Where Primebook’s Free Pick-and-Drop Service in Mumbai is Non-applicable:

1. Our pick-and-drop service in Mumbai doesn’t apply to any laptop other than Primebook. 

2. This free pick-and-drop service is not applicable if you’re out of warranty. 

3. If your Primebook warranty expires, and a repair or replacement stands requisite, we charge a payment for the service. Our team will inform you about the estimated service charges only after assessing what needs to be fixed.

4. The Primebook warranty isn’t applicable for physical damage due to natural calamities, improper use, exposure to extreme temperatures, water-logging, or the act of god.